Jinger Duggar Is Looking Cool & Carefree While Visiting Universal Studios In Orlando

Jinger Duggar is not in California anymore -- at least not for a few days anyway. The Counting On star is currently visiting Orlando, Florida, and having the time of her life. She is not alone as her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, and baby daughter, Felicity, are with her as well.

Jinger and Jeremy both shared some photos and Instagram stories on their traveling adventures to the sunshine state. They are packing plenty of fun into this trip, but there may be some business as well, at least for Jeremy. The pastor revealed that he spent some time preaching at Reformation Bible College in Sanford, Florida. He posted a couple of pictures of himself at the pulpit doing his thing.

The reality stars also paid a visit to Ligonier Ministries, which is located around the Orlando area as well. It's likely that this is a part of Jeremy's seminary schooling, or it could just be a chance for him to get in a little extra-curricular activity points by speaking at another church. Whatever the case may be, he and his famous wife appear to be enjoying their time there.

Of course, the couple found some time to relax and have fun. They took their 1-year-old daughter to Universal Studios for the day with a few friends of theirs. Although there has only been one picture posted at the park of the family-of-three, there may be more to come. The friends that they went with may have been Alyssa Bates and her family. The Vuolos were seen hanging out together with them at one point as they actually live in that area. Jinger's sister, Jana Duggar, was also there with them.

Felicity had a fun time riding on a few rides and hanging out with Alyssa's three kids. She appeared to be waving to anyone that walked by her, as seen in the sweet photo that Jinger Duggar shared. The 25-year-old mom is seen in the snapshot wearing a striped tank top and either pants or shorts. Her blondish hair is pulled into a ponytail. She and Jeremy apparently fell in love with the Incredible Hulk ride. She said that they rode it a few times, and her hair may have been proof of that.

Jinger Duggar's big move to Los Angeles will be featured on the new season of Counting On, as The Inquisitr had detailed a few days ago. TLC will start airing brand new episodes on Tuesday, October 15, at 9 p.m. ET.