WWE News: Triple H Discusses Possibility Of Secondary ‘NXT UK’ Title

Triple H appears on NXT

NXT UK is one of WWE’s most competitive shows, and the roster is always growing. However, despite the number of superstars competing to be the best, there are very few championships for them to wrestle for. In a way, this makes the current titles more prestigious, but there has been speculation that Triple H plans to add another title to the mix.

As documented by Wrestling Inc., “The Game” recently discussed the possibility of a secondary championship during a media call, but we might have some time to wait before we see one introduced to the show.

“I don’t see the need for [an additional singles title] at this time. I know that’s been speculated a lot about because I don’t know, somebody put the idea on the internet, I think, and then everybody just ran with it. I don’t necessarily see it at this time but I’m also not opposed to it, and maybe very shortly down the line, that is an opportunity. I think it just depends on how it moves forward and where the brand goes.”

Triple H’s approach to NXT UK appears to be allowing things to evolve organically. The show has only been around since 2018, so there’s no rush to put all the pieces in place right away. At the time of this writing, there is an NXT UK Championship, a Tag Team Championship, and a Women’s Championship — every division is covered.

As The Inquisitr recently reported, the Cruiserweight Championship will also feature prominently on the American iteration of the black-and-gold brand going forward. Therefore, it’s highly likely that it will also be competed for on the British version, as both shows’ rosters have become increasingly interchangeable.

Walter and Pete Dunne prepare to battle for the NXT UK Championship

At the same time, the original NXT show has benefited from a secondary men’s title to give the abundance of roster members another championship to compete for. The North American Championship was introduced in 2018 and it’s helped several superstars ascend the ranks in that time. Having a similar mid-card title on the British show could add an interesting dimension to proceedings.

Regardless of the future of NXT UK‘s title situation, it’s refreshing to see a WWE brand that wants to put value in its current championships. The company is often criticized for the number of titles it has at its disposal, most of which are treated like decorations to put be on superstars, as opposed to boasting any real prestige.

At least when Triple H introduces a new title, it’s guaranteed to feel important.