September 21, 2019
Bella Hadid Stuns In Yellow Lingerie & Sheer Cape

Bella Hadid shared a new Instagram update with sneak peeks of her appearance during Rihanna's Savage X Fenty show. The model's appearance was so memorable, that E! News has noted it as one of the eight must-see moments from the fashion show.

The fashion extravaganza was all about Rhianna's brand, which features lingerie in a variety of styles for a huge range of body types and skin tones.

Hadid apparently made an appearance toward the end of the extravagant show, which featured elaborate sets and tons of models and dancers. She led a parade of dancers, and rocked the yellow ensemble that she shared on social media.

The first photo of the series showed Bella from her hips and above. She wore a bright yellow lace bra, with matching bottoms and thigh-high tights. In addition, Hadid wore a headdress and a sheer cape. This was topped with a couple of large, eye-catching bracelets that she wore on both wrists.

Also hard to miss was a headpiece, which dangled in the middle of her forehead. Bella's makeup was also prominent, featuring heavy eyeliner on her lower and upper lids.

The second photo of the set showed Hadid mid-pose, as she raised her arms and placed her hands by her chest with her elbows out. In front of her and beside her, viewers could see four models that were lower on the ground, all who seemed to be wearing the same, yellow lingerie.

Many of Bella's fans took the time to leave the model compliments. This included Hailey Baldwin, who stopped by with a short and sweet message.

"All my friends just really are the baddest," she said.

Others sent their love to Hadid in different ways.

"Change your profile pic to this," suggested a fan.

"Watched last night. Awesome show!!" exclaimed a fan.


"Im obsessed with you," noted another follower.

But that's not all, as Hadid has been busy gracing various runways lately. She shared a series of two photos from the Etro show, and indicated that she closed out the event.

The first photo was a closeup of Bella's face, while the second one showed her mid-stride on the unconventional catwalk. The show took place outdoors, and she was spotted walking on a wooden path that was laid out in a courtyard. Very noticeable was a giant hot air balloon, which sat in the middle of the space.