‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Julian & Kim Are Done After She Confesses Her Transgressions

General Hospital stars Tamara Braun and William deVry.
Craig Sjodin / ABC

Julian Jerome is about to get an earful on General Hospital during the week of September 23. He and Kim are supposed to be on their big move to Manhattan together, but their plans have hit a snag.

It’s confession time for Kim Nero as she is forced to confront Julian about her infidelity with Franco/Drew. She pretty much forgot all about Julian when she finally gave in to temptation. She decided to leave town after all, but with a different man. That man is Franco Baldwin, or Drew Cain, as he now goes by.

Unfortunately, he now has Kim convinced that Franco is never coming back and Drew is right in front of her, ready to continue their love story from 15 years ago. However, Franco’s wife, Elizabeth, has just messed up their plans. Franco is now locked up, and according to Soap Central, Kim is desperate to get him out.

Kim left Julian a note trying to explain why she’s dumping him for Franco/Drew, but he will show up at her door instead. The print version of Soap Opera Digest gives a rundown on what will happen. He will sense that something happened and will confront Kim about it. She will end up confessing and trying to explain that she now wants to be with Drew.

Julian will be done with her. He will feel like their relationship can’t be salvaged, so he leaves. His heart will be broken. Julian was willing to give up everything in Port Charles for her. He truly believed that Kim changed him. What will that mean for his future now?

Some General Hospital fans think that he will return to his dark side after their breakup. Others are really hoping that he will get back together with his ex, Alexis Davis. She was sad when he came to say goodbye to her, so she may be happy that Julian is sticking around. However, Alexis may not take this lying down. Once she gets wind of what Kim did to Julian’s heart, she is likely going to lay into her at some point.


As The Inquisitr had previously reported, Kim just couldn’t resist Drew’s memories of their past, even though she was looking at Franco’s face. She has been in love with Drew for years and now she has a chance to rekindle those feelings.

Fans are also predicting that Kim will end up pregnant with Franco’s baby. It seems certain that he will eventually get his own memories back and have a sweet reunion with Liz and the boys, but it would certainly put a kink into things if he is daddy to someone else’s child that he wasn’t even aware of making.

Things are getting quite complicated on General Hospital these days and that definitely sets it up for a lot more drama to come.