Pauline Tantot Spreads Legs In Wet Tank & Neon Bikini Bottoms

Pauline Tantot takes a selfie.
Popstantot / Instagram

Pauline Tantot is keeping her fans on their toes with a series of revealing Instagram photos. And earlier this month, this meant that she shared a photo of herself in a wet tank top and neon bikini bottoms.

The top looks similar to one that her twin sister, Mathilde, just wore in one of her recent updates.

Pauline was spotted sitting down at the edge of a rectangular pool. She sat with her legs spread, as she closed her eyes for the shot. She propped herself up with her arms. The tank top that she wore was white and cropped. And thanks to it being completely drenched, her chest was on full display. She also pulled her hair back in a casual ponytail.

Unfortunately, the photo is too revealing to share here, but you can see it on Tantot’s Instagram page.

There were also two more photos in the set, both of which zoomed in on her chest and then her derriere. The photo of her chest was of Pauline grabbing onto the tank top, as she pulled it off her chest slightly. Her sideboob was on full display.

Meanwhile, the photo of her booty was just as revealing, as she stood facing the camera. Her neon green thong bikini bottoms popped against her tanned skin.

This update was liked over 321,000 times, and there were tons of fans that stopped by with their compliments. This included plenty of flirty messages from adoring followers.

“Ummm i think ur really cute can i have ur number,” asked a fan.

“I hope my wife looks like you,” said another fan.

“I just drove into the ditch,” said a follower.

But that wasn’t all, as Instagram users kept the compliments coming.

“These definitely have the wow factor going strong!!!” exclaimed a fan.

“Why you so d*mn perfect girl,” asked another fan.


Since this update, Pauline has also shared a photo of herself in a revealing, black outfit. This image was posted earlier today, and showed her hanging out inside a car. She wore black spandex shorts, along with a long-sleeved top. The top had a thin tie in the middle, which left the model’s cleavage on display.

But this update wasn’t just about Tantot, as she mentioned in the captions that she was with her dog. The second and third photos featured the dog more prominently, as she leaned over to cuddle with the pup.

For now, fans can hope for more, sultry updates from Pauline and her sister, Mathilde.

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