Venus Williams Drops Jaws In Daisy Dukes: ‘But Mostly, It’s About The Tennis’

Venus Williams is dropping jaws. The tennis superstar might have a slightly lower profile compared to sister Serena, but her name is well-known enough. The 39-year-old took to Instagram earlier today with a reminder that she’s out in Asia, although fans were likely losing their minds over how amazing the athlete looked. Thanks to her muscle machine status, this star’s famous physique tends to make headlines regardless of what she wears. Today has seen her do just that, although the outfit was hardly a rag.

Venus’ Instagram photo showed her in a pagoda-like setting and photographed amid lush greenery and natural daylight. The star was photographed in full as she struck a relaxed pose, with the camera taking in a zen-like vibe that echoed her surroundings. The brunette appeared stylishly clad in a colorful, summery wardrobe that reminded fans of her insane muscles.

Venus was snapped in a frayed pair of Daisy Dukes, with the short finish flaunting the star’s long and toned legs. The tennis star had paired her shorts with a strappy and printed top in blue shades, with pops of orange and red adding some color. As to the footwear, this star sticks to what she knows best. Venus was wearing blue-and-white sneakers, with little else in the way of accessories.

The caption from Venus confessed that she will be a tourist from time to time. Then again, the words following that admission took things right back to the sport that she and her sister are famous for.

Venus’ update quickly proved popular, racking up over 4,900 likes in just 35 minutes. Engagement on tennis stars’ social media pages seems to be high this weekend, with The Inquisitr reporting on a major turnout for a workout video over on Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova’s Instagram account.

The interest in Venus’ stunning appearance is similar to how there’s fascination over any other celebrity. For the tennis veteran, however, it’s no secret how she keeps fit – all those appearances on the court are kind of a giveaway. That said, Venus has opened up on exactly what she does. Speaking to Byrdie, the star revealed her greatest gym pleasures.

“Strength training gives me confidence. There’s this feeling when you crush a workout—it’s empowering and you feel like you can take on the world. Picking a favorite workout is tough because I love switching it up—no two days of workouts a week are the same for me. I love plyometrics and planks,” she said.

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