Lyna Perez Sizzles In Hot Pink Bra, As She Bakes Cupcakes

Lyna Perez takes a selfie.
Lynaritaa / Instagram

Lyna Perez is keeping things rolling on her Instagram page, by posting several stories that are likely to capture her fans’ attention.

The model has a different approach to monetizing social media than many others, as she’s established a way to provide exclusive content for her biggest fans. People have the option to subscribe to her premium Snapchat account through her website, where she promises fresh and steamy content.

But that’s not all, as Lyna sometimes shares bits and pieces of her Snapchat content on Instagram. This was the case today, as she revealed that she was making cupcakes. But it was far from the traditional cooking show, as she was spotted in a hot pink lingerie set.

The first video showed Perez dancing with cupcake mix in her hands, as she swayed her hips from side to side. She then shared a second video, which showed her mixing the batter.

The model noted that she was also answering questions from fans at the same time.

And then things got a little more heated, as she revealed that things were getting a little “messy.” A clip showed that Lyna had spilled some cupcake mix onto her chest, which she promptly scooped with her finger and licked off. She managed to keep eye contact with the camera throughout this sequence, and exuded major sultry vibes.

Throughout the video, Lyna wore her hair down, and wore natural-looking makeup that included eyeliner and pink lipstick.

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Morning I've missed you babesss????

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It’s hard to know for sure how many fans were enticed to subscribe to Lyna’s premium Snapchat thanks to the stories, but it wouldn’t be surprising if she gained new followers today.

Perez’s fans have likely come to know and expect her ultra-sultry photos, as she seems to let it all hang out in many of her Instagram posts. Plus, with a following of over 4.1 million people, it seems like she knows what she’s doing.


And although her feed is typically filled with bikini pics, the model manages to keep things fresh with a ton of new ensembles. And while there is variety when it comes to the swimwear she wears, there is one thing that they all seem to have in common. And that is the tiny size of the bikinis, which was the case in her newest Instagram post.

With that being said, Perez isn’t always active on Instagram. Her recent posts were from the past week, but before that, she hadn’t posted since September 9. Fans can hope that she’ll continue to share new photos in the coming days.