‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Maxie Makes A Discovery, Becomes Suspicious Of Peter

General Hospital star Kirsten Storms
Craig Sjodin / ABC Press

Maxie Jones and Peter August have been an item for a few months now on ABC’s General Hospital, but that may soon come to an end. As happy as they have been together, Peter has made some decisions recently that may end up jeopardizing his relationship with Maxie.

Peter — or Henrik, as some people still call him — has just had his perfect plan foiled. He wants Shiloh dead and he was expecting that to happen. However, Shiloh instead escaped police custody. He knew something was up and figured out that he was to be eliminated, so he did something about it. Now he is running loose in Port Charles and ready to give Peter his demands. According to General Hospital spoilers by SheKnows Soaps, Peter is about to get his hands on some big money for a pay-off.

Shiloh is not happy that Peter tried to have him killed, but he will see this as an opportunity to get what he wants. He will call Peter to demand some money so he can go on the run. He will do anything to keep the secrets of his past from being exposed, especially to Maxie, so Peter will get the money to hand over to Shiloh to get him far away from Port Charles.

More details about the transaction were revealed on the print version of this week’s Soap Opera Digest. The magazine teases that he has a huge amount of money in hand when he runs into his girl. Of course, he will hide the fact that he is meeting Shiloh. He will make an excuse to leave quickly, but Peter will make a huge mistake. Maxie is excited to find the bank withdrawal slip that Peter dropped when he left. She discovers what a huge amount of money that her guy took out of the bank. Between that and the fact that he was in such a hurry to leave will have her wondering what is up.


Maxie may also remember that Jason and Spinelli seemed to be quite interested in Peter a few days ago. As The Inquisitr had previously detailed, Jason had asked Spin to help him out since he is a technical genius. Spinelli has been secretly tapping into Peter’s phone activities. He will likely find out that Peter has been in contact with Shiloh and that could also lead him and Jason to learn that those two men met at Pentonville a few times.

Unfortunately, Maxie will be the one who may get her heart broken. Peter does love Maxie, which has him scrambling to keep his past locked away. If someone kills Shiloh, that would certainly help Peter’s dilemma, but it may be too late once Maxie gets hold of that receipt.

Stay tuned in to General Hospital this week to see what will really happen to Shiloh.