New ‘Shameless’ Season 10 Trailer Teases Fans, Just More 50 Days Until The Premiere

Brian Bowen SmithShowtime

Just a few hours ago, the official Instagram page for the hit Showtime series, Shameless, teased fans with yet another trailer for the upcoming premiere of Season 10.

The trailer featured several clips that Gallagher fans have seen from previous trailers, as well as a few fresh and yet-to-be-seen moments. The caption of the short teaser only added fuel to the fan frenzy as it confirmed there were just 50 more days until the Season 10 premiere.

The video clip kicked off with Frank (William H. Macy) throwing his hands in the air while standing in the middle of the Albi and announcing there was a party at the Gallagher house “right now.”

The clip then transitioned to Jeremy Allen White, who plays Lip Gallagher, as he opened up about what fans could expect from Season 10.

White dished that even though they were down a few Gallaghers this season, they could still expect the same level of chaos fans have grown to love from this series.

After showing a few scenes from previous trailers, the clip transitions to Macy, who opens up about how different things are with Debbie (Emma Kenney) running the household instead of Fiona (Emmy Rossum).

According to Macy, Debbie is “very strict” by comparison and the rest of the Gallagher crew aren’t feeling the rules.

The video clip then shifts to Cameron Monaghan, who plays Ian, followed by Noel Fisher, who plays Mickey. Monaghan reveals that Ian and Mickey expect to fall into some sort of “marital bliss” as they finally get to spend some time together. However, the lack of space in a jail cell doesn’t make things easy.

Noel adds that Mickey and Ian don’t have the typical things a couple would have to argue over, such as dishes in the sink. So, they end up finding other things to feud over.

Macy wraps up the clip by reminding fans that Gallaghers are fighters and will continue to fight for each other until the cold and bitter end.

While the video has only been on the official Shameless Instagram page for five hours, fans have flooded it with nearly 600 comments as they viewed it just shy of 80,000 times.

Most were quick to admit how excited they were about the upcoming premiere of Season 10. As with many of the previous Instagram posts, there were also several comments threatening the series not to end Ian and Mickey.

Those without a Showtime subscription were also desperate to know how long they would have to wait for Season 10 to drop in the Netflix library.