Matthew Koma Makes Hilary Duff ‘Get Well Soon’ Food Art

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As her 13 million followers know all too well, Hilary Duff and Matthew Koma have never been shy about flaunting their sweet — and sometimes cheesy — love for each other all over Instagram.

The 31-year-old actress recently took to her Instagram stories to reveal that she’d busted her fiance playing with his food and arranging it in a strange manner.

While Duff isn’t visible in the video, she can be heard asking Koma what he’s doing and why he’s arranging food on the kitchen counter. The singer calls attention, in particular, to the rotten banana in the center of the arrangement of food.

Koma explains that he’s making “art” before later clarifying that it is a “get well soon face.”

The face consisted of two apples for eyes, a hamburger bun torn in half for the ears, a rotten banana as the nose, and round white tablets and cheesy snacks as the mouth.

Duff focused a lot of attention on the rotten banana. Koma, however, was quick to fire back at the actress that the banana was not rotten. He insisted the bananas were “sweetest” when they had reached that shade of brown.

While Duff didn’t disagree with Koma, she clarified that the only time that applied was if the banana was going into a smoothie.

Duff also jokingly criticized Koma for making her look bad by trying to be sweet, even after she had attempted to make him look silly for playing with his food.

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As fans who have been watching Duff’s Instagram stories know, the singer revealed a little over 24 hours ago that she was hesitantly spending some time in bed as she struggled to get over “very contagious” strep throat.

As People Magazine confirms with screenshots, the make-up free mother of two had her hair pulled up in a messy bun on the top of her head as she rested in bed. Duff opened up about how different it was to be sick when you were a mother. She explained that she felt guilty, as there were all sorts of things she needed and wanted to do for her children. However, she had an extra pair of hands in the house, so she was able to get some rest.

“I’m super sick — I think I have strep throat — and I’m in bed… I’m getting an IV to hopefully feel better. As a parent, why does it feel so horrible to be sick? Like, the guilt of being in bed,” Duff shared with her followers from her bed.

“My head is spinning, and I feel like I should be doing a million things and being with my kids every minute when really I’m very contagious. It’s just the hard part of being a parent. It sucks.”

The actress also jokingly revealed that she had decided to binge through Lizzie McGuire to research her old character in preparation for the reboot.

Duff even dished that she recently went on a walkthrough of the new stage for the reboot this week, saying that she was excited about the upcoming project.

“It was so exciting to imagine all the sets being built in a month’s time and that world just starting to be created. It’s really exciting and a total dream come true,” Duff gushed.

Duff admitted that she was relieved at the timing of the illness, as she wouldn’t have to worry about getting sick during the production of the reboot.