Maria Sharapova Drops Jaws In Tiny Shorts In Insane Workout Video Racking Up Crazy Views

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Maria Sharapova is dropping jaws. The tennis superstar might have had the world watching as she claimed the unofficial grunting queen status on the court, but the 32-year-old isn’t just a headline-maker on account of her Grand Slam titles and Olympic medalist status. Maria has an Instagram account, and although she doesn’t post on her page often, a fresh and somewhat rare update appears to have landed on it.

The video posted by the Russian showed a full workout setting, with the famous blonde being put through her paces by a personal trainer. The footage opened up with Maria standing and wrapped in resistance bands that her trainer was holding from the ends. The Amazonian-framed superstar was seen maneuvering herself as she held a weighted ball, with fans likely already impressed at her steely strength. Maria was also seen lying on a gym bench on her side, showing off her powerful core as she worked out.

Fans then saw Maria working through slow movements – sometimes using only one leg in her exercises. Resistance work also saw the star open and close her legs in a muscle-building exercise as she worked the bands.

Wardrobe-wise, Maria was fully kitted-out for her sweat session. The star was rocking a tiny pair of black shorts with white piping, along with a long-sleeved black top that matched her bottoms. Maria appeared without shoes, sporting a pair of white socks.

The video has been racking up insane views, boasting more than 460,000 within the span of a single day. The post also received more than 93,000 likes and upwards of 1,160 comments. Maria mentioned in the caption of the post that she wasn’t looking to do anything too fast in her workout. In fact, the tennis superstar confirmed she was interested in doing the exact opposite.

If one thing is clear, it’s that Maria is an absolute powerhouse. The Russian has spent her entire career maintaining her strength, and fans are likely wondering if the superstar ever takes a day off or treats herself. Speaking to Refinery29, Maria opened up about the balance.

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“I’ve always seen sweets as a treat post-workout or after an accomplishment to treat yourself or reward yourself. Or, even after a tough day as a pick-me-up, rather than something to load on constantly. I think I’m not too strict on myself, because I know that playing tennis is a huge part of my lifestyle and that I constantly exercise and I need energy. But, I also know that it’s important to keep yourself happy. Being mentally happy is just as important as physically happy.”

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Maria’s killer bikini body proved to be a headline-maker earlier this summer.