Julianne Hough Rocks Daisy Dukes To Celebrate National Dance Day

Rachel LunaGetty Images

Julianne Hough hardly needs an excuse to dance. However, given September 21 was designated as National Dance Day, this artist wasn’t going to shirk her responsibilities. Her pariticipation in the celebration came in the form of a joyful video posted to the former Dancing with the Stars pro’s Instagram account.

In the upload, Julianne was joined by a crew of fellow dancers as they free-styled in a group performance that took place on an expansive lawn. All of her comrades appeared to be thrilled to just get out and dance. The 31-year-old undulated and shimmied and twerked her way through the happy gathering, sometimes doing a solo and other times dancing with one of the other like-minded talents.

While she whirled, Julianne wore a simple outfit of a tank top and a tiny pair of Daisy Dukes. She was not wearing any shoes and her hair was down and straight, flying around as she did her thing.

Within less than half an hour of sharing, Julianne’s upload honoring the special day had captured more than 30,000 views from among her 4.9 million followers. Avid admirers seemed happy to comment on her National Dance Day post.

“My dancing queen,” stated one fan, who added a heart-face emoji, a red heart emoji, and a diamond emoji.

“You are amazing,” said another, perking up the comment with a kissy face emoji and a black heart emoji.

“You go girl!!!! Good luck with the new single!” remarked a third fan, who was talking about “Transform,” Julianne’s latest venture as a singer.

Julianne will dance for any occasion or non-occasion. On America’s Got Talent 2019, she was not only a judge on the NBC television program, but she was also part of an act, stated The Inquisitr.

During one of the semi-finals for the live show, she was taken out of her judge’s chair by a muscular acrobatic performer.

“Julianne was escorted to sit atop one of the hunks who was down on all fours. Then, she was flipped around on her back as her head was lowered into a lying position that nearly simulated a sex act. After that, she was helped off the human table by a helpful member of the troupe…”

That said, fans can relive Julianne’s AGT performance and her Saturday afternoon performance for National Dance Day, and any other performance from among myriad times this pro dancer has shared her skills by watching her videos.

Meanwhile, no matter what she is doing at any given time, find out by keeping up with Julianne Hough on her Instagram account.