‘The Young And The Restless’ Recap For Friday: Devon Refuses To Believe Amanda Is Real

Monty BrintonCBS

The Young and the Restless recap for Friday, September 20, brings a shocker for Victoria as Adam sets her up to take the fall for Victor’s medication increase. Plus, Devon gets stuck over the new lawyer’s appearance, while Phyllis reconnects with Jack and Summer reconnects with Kyle.

The woman who sold Adam (Mark Grossman) the pills he used to switch out Victor’s (Eric Braeden) medication answered some of Paul (Doug Davidson) and Rey’s (Jordi Vilasuso) questions. She negotiated immunity for herself, and then she spilled the beans that she sold the pills to Victor Newman’s family. However, instead of telling the truth that she sold them to Adam, the woman lied and said Victoria (Amelia Heinle) bought the medication.

Not surprisingly, Victoria denied the allegations, and she let Paul and Rey search her office, and they found Nate’s (Sean Dominic) tablet, along with a pill bottle that had Victor’s name on it inside Victoria’s desk. Meanwhile, Michael (Christian J. LeBlanc) let Adam know that his dealer asked for immunity, which Michael granted.

At Devon’s (Bryton James), he continued to feel absolutely shocked that Amanda Sinclair (Mishael Morgan) looked exactly like Hilary. Devon didn’t believe the resemblance was a coincidence, and he even accused Amanda of being an actor instead of a lawyer. Amanda maintained that her client, Chance Chancellor, had proof that Devon’s biological dad, Tucker (Stephan Nichols), forged the version of Katherine’s will that gave the fortune to Devon. The Inquisitr recently reported Morgan’s return to the soap.

Elsewhere, Summer (Hunter King) cried on Theo’s (Tyler Johnson) shoulder about Victor’s death. Theo opened up to her about losing his dad when he was a teenager. Later, Kyle (Michael Mealor) offered Summer his unwavering support in the wake of her grandfather’s passing.

One person who won’t miss Victor is Phyllis (Michelle Stafford). She went to Adam’s looking for her keys, and she hinted that she wanted in on Adam’s plan to dismantle Newman Enterprises. Next, Phyllis ran into Jack (Peter Bergman) at The Grand Phoenix, and she reminded him of how much “The Mustache” cost them with his evil ways. Jack felt shocked that Phyllis was still so torn up about everything. Phyllis let her ex know that her rage at Victor’s actions remained barely suppressed, and she felt Victor’s actions will cast a shadow over them for years to come.

At Nick’s (Joshua Morrow), Sharon (Sharon Case) stopped by to give her condolences. They discussed how Victor’s death will affect their children, and then Nick turned the discussion toward Sharon and Adam. Nick warned her that the police are closing in on Adam, and he wanted to ensure that she’s out of the line of fire. Sharon assured her ex that she has moved on from Adam.

Later, Nick found out that Adam wanted Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) to let him see Connor (Judah Mackey). Nick advised Chelsea against it, and Chelsea agreed that Connor shouldn’t see Adam. Although Adam pleaded with Chelsea to let him see Connor, she would not agree to a visit at this time. Later on. at Nick’s, Chelsea and Nick compared notes on Adam and Sharon, and then they declared their love for each other.