Emily Ratajkowski Flashes Major Sideboob In A Yellow Dress

Emily Ratajkowski shared a new Instagram video earlier today, and it's already been watched over 985,000 times. The popular model was spotted on a balcony overlooking a scenic town. She noted in the captions that this was a throwback video from a prior trip to Spain.

The video clip itself was very short, only lasting several seconds. But during those few moments, fans could see Emily moving her right shoulder and letting her right arm fall down beside her. This left her sideboob completely exposed, as the dress apparently was barely clinging on. The model then hugged herself with both arms.

Ratajkowski wore her hair down in a middle part. Thanks to the short nature of the video clip, it was hard to see any more details of the outfit. However, it's worth nothing that the light yellow dress had vertical stripes in two similar shades.

Plenty of fans flooded the comment section with their thoughts on Emrata's good looks. And it sounded like some people were so distracted by the clip, that they didn't notice her captions.

"Lovely dress and lovely young woman. What's the location here?" asked a fan.

"Beautiful woman where have you been miss you you are awesome," said another fan.

Another fan asked for more.

"I love this footage and dress..please, more and more like this..." they said.

Other followers focused on complimenting Emily's looks.

"Baby, u are the prettiest thing in this world. I love u," said a fan.

"So beautiful and breathtaking hun dont be shy u are prefect," said another fan.

Arguably, Emily is anything but shy, as she often shares photos of herself in revealing outfits and swimwear.

In other news, Ratajkowski shared another photo four days ago that showed her rocking a casual look. She sported a tight, black shirt with long sleeves. She paired this with some sort of denim bottoms.

The model accessorized with a thin necklace, and placed her right hand by her face. Her makeup included glossy lipstick and dark mascara. Emily's hair was down, and she gave a hint of a smile with her lips closed.

The photo was not geotagged, but it appeared to be taken at a restaurant. Behind the model, you could see various planters and tables in an airy space.

For now, fans can hope for more updates from Emily soon. Her throwback pic suggests, however, that she may be feeling nostalgic for the hot, summer months.