Brooks Nader Forgets Pants & Flashes Lacy Bra

Cindy OrdGetty Images

Brooks Nader set Instagram on fire with a new post several days ago. The photo was a collage of two, similar photos side-by-side. It showed Brooks in a black blazer jacket. She noted in the captions that she “forgot” her pants that day, and many of her fans commented on the look.

The blazer jacket had four silver buttons in front as well as two large pockets. She went shirtless underneath, only rocking a sheer, lacy black bra, putting her cleavage on full display.

Brooks kept things simple with no necklace, accessorizing only with a small pair of earrings and a black purse that she slung over her right shoulder.

In the photo on the left, Brooks was spotted mid-stride and looking to her left. The second photo showed her looking straight at the camera.

Thanks to her pants-free look, the model was able to show off her lean legs. She added a pop of color with an eye-catching pair of yellow shoes.

The update was geotagged at Catch Steak, which is a restaurant by The High Line in New York City.

Fans raved about Brooks in the comment section, with many people referring to her captions.

“As long as you remember one or the other it should be OK. I think,” said a fan.

“I fail to see the problem,” joked another fan.

“You @brooksnaderdon’t need either one!!!! so sexy xxx,” a third follower wrote.

And someone who appeared to know Brooks joked with her.

“What u doin postin instagrams when ur supposed to be gettin ur wisdom teeth out,” they asked.

“Nothing will stop me,” responded the model.

The model truly does seem unstoppable. In her second-newest Instagram post, she posed with Cindy Crawford. The pair made an appearance during a charity event for the Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund.

Brooks wore a black mini dress with a triangular neckline. She also rocked a pair of white boots, which almost reached her knees.

Cindy, on the other hand, opted for a dark navy blue jumpsuit. She accessorized simply with a gold necklace and wore her hair down for the occasion.

The update consisted of four more photos showing the two models in action. They were both seen holding the phone up to their ears, as office staff worked alongside them.

Her post at the charity event was liked over 10,000 times.

Fans can look forward to more photos from Brooks in the coming weeks. She doesn’t post daily, but does tend to update fairly often.