Sara Underwood Sizzles In Short Shorts, Flaunts Flawless Legs

Frederick M. BrownGetty Images

Former Playboy Playmate of the Year Sara Underwood has built a particular niche for herself on Instagram. Her 9.2 million enthusiastic followers have come to expect a certain kind of vibe from her posts — sexy, and with a healthy dose of natural beauty courtesy of her breathtaking surroundings.

While Underwood spends the majority of her time in the lush green forests of the Pacific Northwest, as she’s currently building cabins in the slice of paradise with her partner, Jacob Witzling, she’s been on the road lately. The blonde bombshell went on a road trip to Utah, and has been bringing her followers along on the ride with her by sharing stunning selfies.

Just a few days ago, the blonde beauty shared a snap of herself in a feminine white floral dress that showed off her legs. She stood in front of a red rock backdrop for the snap and highlighted the beauty of Utah for her followers.

In her latest Instagram post, Underwood flaunted her assets by wearing a pair of scandalously short shorts for a hike in a breathtaking location. She paired the shorts with some white sneakers, a black crop top, and had a hat slung across her back to slip on if the sunshine got to be a bit too strong. Her cleavage wasn’t visible given her position, but her booty was almost falling out of her tiny shorts. Underwood was hiking with Jacob, as she included a photo credit in the caption telling her followers that he snapped the stunning shot.

Her followers couldn’t get enough of the post, which showcased both Underwood’s curves and the gorgeous natural landscapes in Utah. The post received over 15,500 likes within just 45 minutes, and fans couldn’t tear their eyes away.

Some viewers understood the bombshell’s love of nature and adventure, and gave her suggestions in the comments section.

“You should take your truck to Moab and do some of the trails around there the are almost as Beautiful as you!!”

Another fan suggested that they’d be willing to hike, provided Underwood was walking in front of them.

“Can I got hiking with you, my only stipulation is I get to walk behind you,” the fan said.

“Nice view,” another fan said, not clarifying whether it was the stunning blonde or the natural world that caught his attention.

“Are you an angel,” another fan questioned in the comments section.

Underwood has been sharing sizzling snaps from her Utah adventures, but she hasn’t clarified exactly how long she’ll be in the area. Fans will have to follow along on Instagram and see what else she shares while she’s out on the road.

Soon enough, she’ll return to her home base in the Pacific Northwest, surrounded by the gorgeous cabins she’s helping to build.