Bill Maher Rips Democrats For Attack On Brett Kavanaugh, Calls It ‘Counterproductive’

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The controversial host of Real Time with Bill Maher used his Friday night show to hammer on Democrats for reviving attacks on Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. This came after The New York Times recently sparked a new round of allegations against Kavanaugh, which initially lacked a crucial detail.

The omission of the detail, which was that the alleged victim had no recollection of the reported sexual wrongdoing by Kavanaugh, backfired on the paper, causing them to later issue a correction to the original story, as reported by The Hill.

According to Fox News, Maher explained the consequences of what he called the “Kavanaugh effect,” citing the loss of U.S. Senate seats in 2018 by four Democrats who strongly opposed then-nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the High Court.

He pointed out that the sole Democrat who backed President Donald Trump’s pick, Sen. Joe Manchin, was the only Democrat in a heavily red state who managed to keep his seat during the mid-term elections, while also offering a theory as to why that happened.

“People did not like going after a guy for what he did in high school,” Maher explained. “It looked bad — and now Democrats are talking about impeaching him again?”

Two of his guests, CNN commentator Tim Naftali and MSNBC analyst Heather McGhee, took a defensive stance on the matter, claiming the latest push against Kavanaugh was based on the justice’s character. Maher called out the guests, essentially saying that 17-year-old teens don’t have a fully formed “character” at that age and that attacking someone for what they may or may not have done at that age isn’t wise political strategy.

“I’m just telling you what the politics is… People don’t think you should go back to age 17. It just strikes them as preposterous and by the way, it’s counterproductive for Democrats winning,” Maher told both guests.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, several Democrats have called for Kavanaugh’s impeachment, including 2020 Democratic presidential candidates Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris, and former Housing Secretary Julián Castro.

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh listens to a discussion.
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Harris was particularly tough on Kavanaugh, calling his appointment to the Supreme Court a “sham.”

“He was put on the Court through a sham process and his place on the Court is an insult to the pursuit of truth and justice. He must be impeached,” Harris tweeted the day after the new allegations were leveled against Kavanaugh.

Trump and other supporters rushed to Kavanaugh’s defense, with the president blaming the “LameStream Media” for attempting to smear Kavanaugh’s reputation while also accusing Democrats of trying to influence the justice’s future rulings by bringing forth new allegations.