WWE News: Superstar Wins And Loses Championship Twice In Two Days

It's still considered a push, right?

EC3 heads to the ring for a WWE match.

It's still considered a push, right?

The roster in WWE is full of superstars who deserve to be in the spotlight and possibly even the main event for many wrestling promotions around the world. Unfortunately, there are simply far too many for everyone to get their chance, but that is why WWE has come up with a way for a lot of them to get involved. Still, winning the 24/7 Championship over and over again is not really the way to shoot up the push ladder.

As reported by The Inquisitr, Mick Foley returned on Monday Night Raw back in May to introduce a brand new championship. The 24/7 Title is something that is very similar to the old-school Hardcore Title, and it can be won at anytime and anywhere, as long as there is a referee and pinfall or submission.

R-Truth has been the primary superstar involved in any storyline dealing with the title, but many others have joined in on the fun. One of those is a former champion in other promotions, and it is Ethan Carter III — or EC3 as he’s known to so many others.

While many fans feel as if EC3 has been wasted since being brought up to the main roster from NXT, the good news is that he’s still being featured. Some may not call it a push, but to be able to win a championship twice in two days has to at least be something that keeps him in front of everyone.

WWE is currently on an overseas tour, and there was a live event in Manila, Philippines, which had the fans witness a title change. As reported by Wrestling Inc., EC3 was able to capture the 24/7 Championship from R-Truth to begin his second title reign with this particular belt.

Unfortunately for the chosen one, his run did not last long, as R-Truth won it back before the night was out, beginning his 17th reign with the WWE 24/7 Championship.

The gold-capturing fun didn’t end there for EC3, though. He won the 24/7 Championship on Saturday during an event in Shanghai, China. Unfortunately, the title was back in R-Truth’s possession by the end of the night yet again after he defeated EC3 once more.


The WWE 24/7 Championship is a way for many superstars to get involved, and it is something fun for the fans to enjoy. The good news is that it gives a lot of talented wrestlers the chance to stay in the spotlight, but is it going to help them advance in any way, shape, or form? While this may help EC3 stay relevant, many believe that his talents and skills could be used in a much better fashion.