NFL Rumors: Antonio Brown Was Inside The New England Patriots Building When He Sent Intimidating Texts

Michael ReavesGetty Images

Antonio Brown was actually inside the New England Patriots facility when he initiated a group text message to his sexual misconduct accuser in an apparent effort to intimidate her, a new report has revealed.

In the day after the New England Patriots released the All Pro wide receiver, new details are starting to emerge about how the team came to the decision to let him go after less than two weeks in Boston. In an appearance Saturday morning on Good Morning Football, the NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero revealed that Brown was already on extremely thin ice with the Patriots after two sexual misconduct accusers came forward in the days after he first signed with the team.

That ice shattered on Friday when an NFL investigation reportedly confirmed that Brown had sent a group text message to a woman who claimed he approached her in the nude as she was working on a mural in his home. The woman’s lawyer said the group text, which included Brown sharing a picture of the woman’s children, was threatening and he reported it to the NFL.

As Pelissero noted, the incident was too much for the Patriots — especially as the text was sent while Brown was inside the team’s facility.

“[R]eally all that was saving AB in New England was the fact this was a civil complaint and not a criminal complaint. If he had been criminally charged, he’s probably gone at that point,” Peliserro reported.

“Now fast forward to Wednesday night, Robert Klemko of Sports Illustrated publishes the text messages from Antonio Brown to a second woman, showing photos of her children. Whatever the intention was, intimidation or otherwise, that took it to another level and it was something that happened while AB was in the Patriots building.”

Peliserro’s report came just hours after another report from The Athletic shed new light on the role team owner Robert Kraft played in releasing Brown. As the report noted, Kraft was enraged at the text messages that Brown had sent to the accuser and consulted with coach Bill Belichick about Brown’s future. Together the two decided to release him. As The Inquisitr noted, Kraft maintains a high standard for the organization and prides himself on the rigid structure the Patriots maintain. The fact that Brown initiated the intimidating text message chain while he was on team grounds likely added to the haste with which the team cut ties with wide receiver.