Cosplay Model Liz Katz Causes Instagram Meltdown While Drooling Over Chips And Flaunting Massive Cleavage

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Cosplayer Liz Katz regularly makes sure to heat up her social media by posing in revealing outfits, and her newest Instagram post proved to be no exception, unconventional as it may have seemed.

On Friday, Liz took to her Instagram to share a photo of herself wearing a tight tank top without anything underneath, leaving little to the imagination as she offered her fans a tantalizing look at her décolletage as well as the large tattoo on her left arm. She tugged downward on the outfit to further emphasize her generous cleavage, sticking her tongue out and seemingly drooling over the brand of chips she was referring to in the caption. That, however, didn’t minimize the seductive vibe the photo exuded.

The photo only showed Liz from the thighs up, but the cosplay model was clearly wearing a pair of black panties to complement her light-colored, itty-bitty tank top.

In the 16 hours since the photo was posted, Liz’s latest Instagram share has gotten nearly 59,000 likes from her 873,000 or so followers. Many others took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the image, and by the looks of things, most of her fans were drooling over the update.

“The most beautiful girl even with spit falling,” said one user.

“Geez Liz could you be more incredible?” another remarked, adding a heart emoji and following up by saying that she indeed could.

“A smokin hottie that isn’t afraid to drool? You should be mine!!!” a third fan commented, adding a string of various emoji, including three fire emoji, two hearts, and a wedding ring.

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That first time you try Takis

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Earlier on Friday, Liz shared another cleavage-baring snap on her Instagram, as she appeared to celebrate Halloween more than a month early with an all-black outfit that included a witch’s hat, ripped stockings, and matching lingerie. Notably, she was also wearing black lipstick, hinting at a past goth phase in the caption by saying the lipstick “reminds [her] of middle school.” This photo also reeled in the engagement quite effectively, getting more than 31,000 likes from the time it was posted.

As previously noted by The Inquisitr, Liz Katz has emerged as one of the most popular figures in the world of cosplay, with FHM naming her to its list of 10 sexiest cosplay models in 2015. As she certainly isn’t shy to dress up in sexy outfits for her followers, she opened up to Impulse Gamer that same year, lamenting the hypocrisy of certain individuals who frown on bikini or lingerie photos but see no problem with violent forms of entertainment.