September 21, 2019
Bella Hadid Flaunts Her Goods In Bikini & Sparkly Suit

Bella Hadid made an appearance on the runway wearing Versace, and her fans are going wild over the Instagram video that she shared. At the same time, another account also shared a still photo of Bella's outfit, which gave fans an even better look at the showstopping look.

The photo update consisted of two images, both of which showed Bella posing in front of a graphic backdrop. Her look included a black bra with gold accents. The top incorporated the gold in the center of the bikini, while the bottoms featured gold hardware at Hadid's hips. She wore a sparkly jacket on top, which was left unbuttoned.

The model also accessorized heavily, rocking a pair of circular earrings and a gold necklace. Her makeup included dark mascara, black liner on her lower lids, along with shimmery lipstick. Bella wore her hair slicked back and with a deep left part.

A second photo showed Bella with her right hand in the air, as she showed off her large V-shaped ring.

And this isn't to mention a video of Bella stomping the runway in the same outfit, which has been viewed over 944,000 times so far. The video was actually focused on a TV that was streaming the fashion show.

The runway was illuminated with a pink glow, and Bella was spotted walking down some steps. A large, circular sculpture was also seen on the runway, which was decorated by bright pink flowers.

Fans gushed about Bella's looks in the comments section, and one fan had a suggestion to make.

"You should wear straight bleach blonde donatella hair in one of the Versace shows," they said.

Meanwhile, there were plenty of people who wondered about the music in the background.

"Track is called Babouche by @jidenna and @goldlink. You're welcome," said a fan.

In addition, there was a lot of discussion about Bella's signature catwalk.

"Her walk has become one of my all time favorites," said a follower.

"This is how I'm walking everywhere I go for the rest of the year," joked another follower.

But a hater snuck into the comments.

"I think you can afford a course to teach yourself how to walk properly," they criticized.

It's likely that there was a ton of talk about Hadid's walk because of the way that the camera zoomed into her feet at one point.

In addition, the video panned out from the TV after Bella left the runway, and you could see a storefront with the words "Versace" on the window.

Previously, the model drove fans wild with a revealing photo of herself wearing only jewelry.