Vita Sidorkina-Morabito Goes Topless At The Beach

Vita Sidorkina-Morabito wears a swimsuit.
Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Vita Sidorkina-Morabito shared a revealing picture earlier this month, and it brought her both praise and criticism from fans. The photo showed her posing topless at the beach, and it caught many people’s attention.

The captions revealed Vita’s support for the victims of the natural disaster in the Bahamas. And so it’s likely that the image was shot there.

In the photo, Sidorkina-Morabito was seen laying on the beach. It didn’t look like she was wearing anything at all, but that’s hard to know for sure since it was cropped below her belly button.

The model was seen closing her eyes in the shot, as her hair flowed down around her face. She also censored the shot with her hands, although parts of her chest were still left on display.

There were many fans that left compliments for the model, along with others that thanked her for her part in raising awareness of the catastrophe that hit the Bahamas. In fact, Jana Duggar has recently shared an update on relief efforts there.

“You look completely at peace in your most natural state. In a place known for its beauty and peace. I hope and pray for the safety of the people of the Bahamas…,” said a fan.

But unfortunately, there were also some people who complained about Vita’s decision to share the revealing photo in association with the Bahamas disaster.

“I like u, but really? This is time you post this,” asked a fan.

Sidorkina-Morabito responded to the fan in length.

“I posted donation link in my IG story first and then I posted a picture on which later on I decided to add a link as well! So Idk which kind of problems you have with that,” she said.

Vita then continued to explain herself.

“Because you deleted all your pointless messages on which I replied earlier. And you continue writing again and again, things that make absolute no sense! I’m sorry!” she concluded.

But there were plenty of followers that sent her love.


In other news, the model’s newest social media post showed her wearing an all-white ensemble. It had black accents throughout.

It was geotagged at the Swan Miami, and has been liked over 3,600 times.

Vita stood outdoors in front of green plants. The shirt she wore had a high collar, along with multiple ruffle accents throughout. The shirt also incorporated lace, along with a black ribbon that decorated her shoulders, neckline, and more. The ensemble included a matching skirt, as the model accessorized with black sunglasses.