The First Dairy Week Goes Awry On The ‘Great British Baking Show’

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Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

For the current season of the Great British Baking Show, Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith have come up with a new challenge called “Dairy Week,” which, it turns out, is the great equalizer, as it tests all of the bakers a bit more than they expected.

According to The AV Club, the challenge, which had to include dairy products with live, active cultures, managed to stump everyone. While most weeks are interesting and thrilling due to the amazing feats of baking talent, this week was notable because everyone looked extremely human.

Through the signature, technical, and showstopper bakes, never have more contestants considered chucking their dishes in the bin as there were a number of disasters and items that didn’t turn out as planned.

The show started with the bakers being instructed to make a dairy cake, meaning a cake that uses some form of cultured dairy — yogurt, sour cream, or buttermilk — in its batter. As Hollywood explained, there were additional challenges to working with live cultures and shockingly, the bakers were less up on their chemistry than usual. The contestants were so focused on this challenge that they totally ignored Noel giving the warning that time is running out.

Something else that challenged the contestants this week was the intricate molds used for the cakes. Because of the carvings, peaks, and valleys, if the greasing isn’t done effectively, it becomes a sticky mess or potentially a wreck.

Michael’s bake, which included a cheesecake ribbon, strained him nearly to tears as he had to dig the top of his cake out of his mold. But in the end, he was rescued, sort of, as Hollywood said that it tasted great, but looked like a mess.


The technical also stressed nearly everyone, as they were challenged by the lemon curd, and the definition of the term “English rose.” Equally puzzling was the showstopper, which had to involve mishti. If you don’t know what mishti is, you’re not alone, as most contestants did their best, but still struggled, getting to the point of slap-happiness and silly puns.

Before the season started, Paul Hollywood promised that this season would have new and different challenges. In addition to the new dairy challenge, an upcoming week will also feature “roaring twenties,” which fans will have to see to believe.

Prue Leith shared that the show wants to continue to strike a balance between things viewers can try at home and new and different concepts.