Ria Santos Exposes Sideboob In Tiny Swimsuit

Ria Santos takes a selfie.
Missriasantos / Instagram

Ria Santos was spotted on a photographer’s Instagram feed today. The photo was previously posted by Ria earlier this month, and showed her rocking a very revealing swimsuit.

In the shot, the model stood facing the camera. However, she looked to her left and into the distance, as she placed her right hand on her head. She appeared to be completely drenched, and posed in a black swimsuit.

The swimsuit was a one-piece, but it was far from conservative. It featured a super low scoop neck, along with a very high cut on the bottom. There were thin strap accents by her hips. Thanks to the cut of the swimsuit, Ria’s sideboob was left on full display. She popped her right hip slightly also, as her tattoo peeked through.

Santos wore heavy eye makeup, including purple eyeshadow. She parted her lips slightly, and gave off a coy vibe.

Behind Ria, viewers could see a patio area with some plants.

Ria’s fans seemed to love the photo, with many people gushing about her looks. This included a fan that joked with Santos.

“You’d look better if you were wearing your bucket hat, just sayin,” they said.

“Don’t you worry, you’ll be seeing the bucket hat very soon,” responded Ria.

Meanwhile, others sent her more straightforward compliments.

“You are a true beauty You look amazing in that bathing suit,” said a fan.

But that wasn’t all, with plenty of people sharing their rave reviews.

“Heaven on earth You are absolutely breathtaking shot well done,” said a follower.

“You have one of the most beautiful body of instagram. GOD BLESS YOU beauty,” said another follower.

The photo has racked up over 7,000 likes so far.


This isn’t to mention another photo of Santos, which showed her in what appeared to be the same swimsuit. Except this time, she lay in the pool in the shallow end. She posed against a couple of steps that descended into the water, and threw her head back for a dramatic shot.

Ria’s chest was again on full display, while her legs were submerged in the water.

This photo received over 6,500 likes.

Santos has been steadily growing her fanbase on Instagram. So far, she has about 203,000 followers. She also has indicated that she’s located in Tulum, which is a major hotspot for celebrities and models. In fact, Victoria’s Secret model Martha Hunt shared a post from there earlier this month, in which she rocked an orange bikini.