Melissa Riso Shows Off Bare Booty In Pink And Purple Thong Bikini, And Instagram Is Loving It

Melissa Riso poses for a selfie on her Instagram page
Melissa Riso / Instagram

Melissa Riso likely set several hearts aflutter when she posted a new video in which she’s flaunting her assets in a purple bikini. In the video, the brunette bombshell goes through a series of seductive poses, but likely triggered a wave of gasps when she turned around to reveal her bare derriere in the bikini’s thong-cut briefs.

The clip is a bit of sponsored content for Bang Energy Drinks, a product that Melissa has promoted quite a few times in the past. On this occasion, she’s marketing their cotton candy flavor and the can matches the two-piece swimsuit she has on. The name of the company is emblazoned all over the bikini, which is from the company’s official apparel line.

As The Inquisitr recently reported, the 33-year-old stunner previous promoted their Mango Bango Canablast flavor from their line of hemp-infused drinks on her Instagram page and wore a green snakeskin bikini while doing so. That video post has accumulated more than 30,000 views since the day that it was posted.

Fans flooded the comments section of her most recent post with effusive compliments about her bikini body.

One fan seemed committed to including as many synonyms as they could into one comment.

“Wow, you looking so sexy, beautiful, amazing. sweetheart, so hot darling,” they wrote and added some fire emoji to add extra emphasis to their comment.

Another declared that she was the most beautiful woman on the planet.

“The most beautiful lady in the world, Melissa Riso,” they wrote.

Others seemed to struggle to find the words to adequately describe Melissa’s beauty, so they opted to use emoji instead.

Fortunately for the guys in her 1.1 million-strong fanbase who dream of dating her, Melissa has already shared what she looks for in a significant other, during an interview with Ask Men. According to her answers, Melissa loves a man with a great sense of humor and good morals.

But she also revealed that she likes gifts with hefty price tags, as she shared that the best gift that she ever received from a boyfriend was a pair of Louis Vuitton shoes. Her ideal date? A helicopter ride at sunset paired with a nice bottle of wine.


And although she regularly posts seductive, NSFW content on Instagram, when it comes to dating, she prefers to take things slow. When asked about the worst dating sin that a guy ever committed while going out with her for the first time, she answered.

“The worst thing I had a guy do on the first day is try to sleep with me, I’m not that easy bro,” she said.