‘Playboy’ Model Alana Campos Shows Off Her Insane Body In Blue Bikini

Alana Campos poses at an event.
Christopher Polk / Getty Images for Playboy

Alana Campos is taking in the sights of one of the most beautiful places on earth, and the Playboy model’s Instagram followers are getting an up-close glimpse of her incredible physique in a revealing bikini.

Campos took to Instagram this week to share some shots of her trip to Nusa Penida, an island southeast of the Indonesia island of Bali. In one shot on Instagram, Alana donned a blue bikini and went exploring on a cliff overlooking the almost impossibly blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. The picture was a smash hit with her followers, attracting thousands of likes and supportive comments.

“Wow your body is insane,” one person wrote.

“Girl YOUR ABS stole the show,” another commented.

Campos has harnessed the attention she got from posing in Playboy back in September of 2012 and used it to spark a very successful modeling career, especially on social media. She sports 613,000 followers on Instagram, and uses the big following to build her own personal brand. Alana frequently shares sponsored posts for fashion and swimwear companies, likely supplementing her modeling career with a steady flow of income. Industry experts say that Instagram influencers generally make $1,000 for every 100,000 followers, giving Alana a cool $6,000 or so for every post she makes.

Alana has the chance to pull in even more thanks to her stature in the industry and her very dedicated fan base. Though her follower base pales in comparison to models with the backing of major companies like Victoria’s Secret, she regularly attracts viral attention thanks to her fans and the celebrity websites that keep an eye on her to share the photos she posts.

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WOW. This place left me speechless! This planet never cease to amaze me! We are so freaking lucky to be here, to live in this incredible place. Nature blesses us everyday with its beauty! Send that love back, do your part to keep this planet beautiful for the next generations. They deserve to see this! •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Wow esse lugar me deixou sem palavras! Esse planeta nunca para de me surpreender! Somos muitos sortidos por estar aqui, por vivermos aqui! A natureza nos abençoa todos os dias com a sua beleza, retribui esse amor e faça a sua parte pra que as próximas gerações vejam essa beleza, eles também merecem! Recicle, use menos plástico, compre carro elétrico, plante mais árvores…. Fica a dica ????❤️ • • • #diamondbeachnusapenida #diamondbeach #penidaisland #indonesia #nusapenida #Womantravel #Womentravel #Womenexploringtheworld #Travelawesome #Travel #Viralworldtravel #Travelingthroughtheworld #Girlaroundtheworld #Travelinladies #Thetraveltag #Ladieslovetravel #Damestravel #Hot.travelz

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The world travel is one of the most obvious side benefits of her work. The model seems to travel the globe, jetting to a number of tropical locales and getting the chance to sample some of the local culture — with plenty of lounging on the beach in a bikini.

Alana had plenty of other adventures on her trip to Bali, including the chance to meet some of the local wildlife. In one shot that the Playboy model shared on Instagram, she stood beside an elephant at the Mason Elephant Park & Lodge.

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As I say good bye to Bali, ???? I think that one of the most amazing experiences I had here was being able to not only see these fascinating creatures but also touch and photograph with them. Let me just tell you that the full purpose and intent of it is to bring awareness to the crisis. These species of elephants are close to extinction. They come from Sumatra where they were rescued by @elephantsbali Yes, the ideal would be to never take them from the wild, but in Sumatra, they have no place to go, human encroachment have taken away their 16,000 acres of forest, now under 200 acres. If they’re not killed by poachers for the ivory they’re being killed by villagers who are poisoning the elephants to avoid conflict. In India villagers are setting elephants on fire! ???????????? As you might think places like this exist to make money, that they don’t care about the animals, and all I can tell you is that, it couldn’t be further from the truth. It costs thousands of dollars and months of work to rescue one elephant, they eat almost 250kg of food everyday, some need medical attention and you can only imagine how costly that is! I had the pleasure to speak with Nigel, the man who started this amazing work, They have rescued over 25 elephants and have a natural breeding program that works, 4 baby elephants have been born there happy & healthy. ???? When I asked about if they have had any big donors, he said, “Not really, we direct all donations to the Elephant fund of Sumatra, where they’re fighting to keep them in the wild, they have big problems! we can support ourselves with the park visitors, the problem is when tourism stops, when there’s a tsunami, the vulcano erupts, a hurricane. That’s when we get in trouble, there’s no way to support their well-being without tourism. That’s when we need to go to the banks for help.” I asked him many other things because this is heartbreaking, Unfortunately I can’t write all of it here so I will be posting more about this on my blog, with more answers, with links for donation and what you can do to help. Without knowledge and awareness of the problem we remain ignorant to the facts. If you’re in Bali go visit @elephantsbali!

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The model also uses her page to promote some of the causes close to her heart, including animal welfare. Campos also had the chance to meet more elephants at the Bali zoo, telling followers of how they had been rescued from Sumatra, where illegal poaching has decimated the local elephant population in the last 10 years.

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Instagram X Reality ???? Coolest thing I’ve done in Bali so far. The Elephant mud fun at @Balizoo. What incredible creatures these are! So smart, some how you can feel that they’re sensitive, patient, and docile, the connection they make with you when they look into your eyes is seriously hard to explain. These elephants were rescued from Sumatra, around age 10. Either they got lost from their pack and can not live alone in the wild, or were rescued in order to preserve their lives. Unfortunately these animals are still being killed by poachers, the elephant population in Sumatra about 15 years ago was of over 10,000 today is reported that less than 2,000 are still alive in the wild. Mostly of the killings are done for its tusk, “ Lots of elephants die as a result of hunters taking their tusks because removing the ivory almost always kills the animals. It's estimated that up to 30,000 African elephants die every year because they are hunted for ivory. Selling ivory was banned worldwide in 1989, but the ban has been lifted several times, so there is still a lot of ivory on sale. As well as this, a lot of ivory is sold by poachers who kill elephants illegally.” BBC reporting. It’s seriously disturbing to me that China is the biggest contributor of why 5% of the worlds known species are in risk of extension. ???? @renatoaleal & @elisetroschel ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Instagram x Realidade Até agora isso foi a coisa mais incrível que fiz qui em Bali, brincar na lama com os elefantes no @balizoo. Gente, que criatura mais incrível, muito inteligente! De alguma forma agente sente que eles são sensíveis, pacientes e dóceis. A conexão que eles fazem quando olham dentro dos seus olhos e difícil de explicar. ???? Esses elefantes foram salvos da Sumatra com +- 10 anos de idade. Infelizmente eles ainda são mortos por caçadores que querem o chifre. A 15 anos atrás existiam mais de 10mil elefantes na Sumatra, hoje não tem mais de 2mil. Muitos elefantes morrem como resultado de caçadores pegarem suas presas porque remover o marfim quase sempre mata os animais. Estima-se que até 30.000 elefantes africanos morrem todos os anos porque são caçados por marfim.

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