Jessica ‘Charm’ Killings Is Killing It Poolside In Blue Lingerie

Jessica Killings poses for a selfie.
Jessica Killings / Instagram

Jessica Killings is proving that you don’t have to rock a bikini to look great by the poolside.

The model took to Instagram on Friday to share a racy snap of herself wearing a set of blue lingerie as she lounged by the pool, a snap that is getting some viral interest from her fans. The picture, which showcased her washboard abs and toned legs and arms, attracted thousands of likes and many supportive comments complimenting her physique.

“Those abs girllll,” one person wrote.

“Bomb baby,” another added.

Jessica has been making a name for herself on social media for the better part of a decade after breaking out through a series of appearances in music videos. The model, who has gone by Charm Killings in her work, appeared in the video for Snoop Dogg’s “My Last,” in Bow Wow’s “Pretty Lady,” and been featured in a number of magazines and celebrity news websites.

On Instagram, Killings sports close to 2 million followers and gives them a steady stream of racy and revealing photos of herself. The model frequently posts pictures of herself in revealing evening wear, barely there bikinis, and occasionally in nothing at all. In doing so, Jessica frequently promotes fashion and swimwear brands, taking advantage of her enormous following to earn some sponsorship revenue.

And Jessica is likely doing quite well in that department. Industry experts say that Instagram models are paid based on the size of their following, with the industry standard being around $1,000 for every 100,000 followers. Because Jessica is just a hair under 2 million, that means she can earn up to $20,000 just for a single post.

There are some other major benefits to her modeling, including the ability to travel around the world to tropical locales for the photo shoots. In just the last few months she has been to sunny Southern California, Mexico, and Las Vegas.

Though her 2 million followers may not be on par with some of the best-known models — those with the backing of major companies like Victoria’s Secret or features in Sports Illustrated — Jessica regularly attracts viral attention for her photos thanks to her very engaged fan base.

In one recent shot, Jessica displayed her ample curves in a revealing brown top.


In another photo from earlier this summer, Jessica rocked an orange string bikini that showcased her incredible physique.

Those who want to see more from Jessica Killings can check out her Instagram page.