Blond Bombshell Anna Katharina’s Tiny String Bikini Turns Up The Heat On Instagram

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Anna Katharina added a dose of sunshine to her Instagram page on Friday when she uploaded a photo of herself rocking a white bikini with a flowery golden print on it. In the photo, Anna’s blond tresses look windswept as she poses on the beach and gives the camera a smoldering stare. The bikini’s small bits of fabric give the viewer a generous view of her lithe figure and the cut of the top accentuates her cleavage.

In the caption, Anna revealed that the two-piece swimsuit is from Fashion Nova, a brand well known for sponsoring the wardrobes of many a beauty, fashion, and fitness influencer. Although the model doesn’t reveal the name of the design, the print looks very similar to the one found on their “Floating Off Bikini,” which is currently on sale for $24.99 on their website.

In the comments, fans raved over the swimsuit and Anna Katharina’s beauty. Even though she said that she thinks her hair looks like she just had to claw her way through some spiderwebs, fans disagreed.

“First of all, Anna, your hair looks wonderful,” one fan wrote. “Second, had you not brought it to our attention, do you honestly believe ANYONE viewing this particular post is even looking at your hair?!”

“You still look great web woman,” another fan added.

As The Inquisitr previously noted, fans had similar glowing feedback when she posted a photo of herself on the beach in a tiny purple bikini, a swimsuit that is also from Fashion Nova. It resembles their “What A Beach” design which sells for $29.99. The post has racked up close to 20,000 likes and more than 400 comments since the day it was posted.

Although she regularly posts tantalizing photos of herself on Instagram for her fans to enjoy, there’s more to Anna Katharina than just bikini photos. She runs a second page called “Girl Chat with AK” in which she discusses serious issues like self-esteem, dating and relationship challenges, body positivity, and more.

The content on Girl Chat centers around selfie videos featuring Anna Katharina in which she’s barefaced and devoid of all of the glamorous trappings of the posts on her main page. This more natural presentation makes sense, as these are supposed to be frank discussions about topics that affect all women, whether they be swimsuit models or work at a regular 9-to-5 job.

“Seeking validation is addicting. We all enjoy approval to a certain degree, but many of us form our self-esteem and opinions of ourselves based on the words of our peers,” she writes in one of her captions.

Based on the comments she gets on her post, it’s clear that her fans appreciate her for her willingness to peel back her bombshell persona and show off her true self.

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