Kate Middleton Reportedly Makes This Strange Request Of Flight Attendants

Ducan McGlynnGetty Images

Much has been made about the Duchess of Cambridge taking commercial flights with her family, but a royal correspondent claims that when Kate Middleton takes one of these flights, it’s a bit different from the rest of us.

Express reports that royal watcher Emily Andrews explains that Middleton doesn’t have to adhere to the same rules of travel as the rest of us, even on a commercial flight. On the television series, Secrets of Royal Flight, Andrews confides that Kate doesn’t have to worry about getting her toiletries into a little bag, or concerns that her dresses will be wrinkled by the time she reaches her destination, because she doesn’t need to worry about weight and size restrictions.

“I’ve been on a plane where all Kate’s dresses had their own seat, to make sure they were kept flat. They are not going to be shoved in the hole just to be squashed by everyone else’s,” Andrews explained according to the Mirror.

Andrews shared that even when it was reported that Middleton had taken a “budget flight” to Scotland to visit Balmoral in August, it wasn’t really saving money if your dresses each get their own seat. The Cambridge family reportedly took a Flybe flight from Norwich to Aberdeen.

But passengers who flew on the flight with the Cambridge family stated that they had no idea that the royals were on board, and only found out when they saw Prince William deplaning, carrying the bags, and Kate Middleton holding Prince Louis’ hand as they walked directly to their waiting cars once they arrived in Scotland.

But other passengers stated that there was another benefit to flying while royal, and that was the fact that the black Range Rovers were allowed to pull onto the tarmac to greet the family just after the plane landed.

According to The Inquisitr, while a commercial flight was suitable for the quick flight to Scotland, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will no doubt take a private jet for their trip to Pakistan this fall.

The High Commissioner for Pakistan to the United Kingdom, Mohammad Nafees Zakaria, announced that the royal couple will be welcomed to the country this autumn.

“The Government and the people of Pakistan warmly welcome the announcement of the Royal Visit by Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to Pakistan this year.”

Prince William and Kate Middleton will be traveling without their children as they retrace a trip taken previously by the prince’s mother, Princess Diana.