‘Teen Mom’ Star Amber Portwood Reportedly Hits And Mocks Andrew Glennon In Shocking New Leaked Audio

Alberto E. RodriguezGetty Images

Just days after shocking audio leaked allegedly showing Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood verbally abusing then-boyfriend Andrew Glennon, new audio has been released that appears to have the reality star mocking Andrew after hitting him hard enough to cause him to bleed.

According to OK Magazine, a new audio clip allegedly reveals Amber and Andrew in a battle. The sound picks up with a woman – reportedly Amber – mocking a man who appears to be Andrew for being in pain after she hit him while they were riding in a car together.

The woman alleged to be Amber uses abusive, potentially offensive language to berate and threaten the person in the clip. As the clip begins, a man can be heard crying out after she allegedly hit him in the face.

“Is it because my fat f**king mouth can’t deal with this?” the woman asks.

The man then says that he was being quiet before the woman continues yelling at him.

“You’re a motherf**king joke, dude! That’s not what happened! No it’s not, you f***ing old man! No the f**k it’s not! No, it’s not you f**king senile bitch!”

At that point, the man, reportedly Andrew, reminds the woman that there is a baby with them and asks her to stop yelling.

“It’s a bunch of lies out of your f***ing ignorant head!” the woman yells in response.

The man accuses the woman of enjoying striking people.

“I hit people who can’t shut their f**king mouth!” the woman responds.

The man in the recording responds by saying that he had shut his mouth.

“No you didn’t shut your goddamn mouth, no you didn’t honey. No you didn’t you senile ret**d! No, you f**king didn’t. You kept going, going and going, just like the other f**king night!” the woman in the recording yells.

The woman then goes on to attack the man, saying that he was worthless because he didn’t do any work.

“You’ve never did anything, you f**king little brat!” she yells.

She continued to say that he hadn’t had any other successful relationships because he was disrespectful and tried to ruin other people’s lives. She also accuses him of lying and tells him that no one cares what he says.

The man says that he is bleeding from where the woman hit him, to which the woman says that he deserved the violence and warns him to watch his mouth while threatening to “kill” the man.

The man reported to be Andrew reminds her that she hit him while he was driving and asked her if she thought that was a good idea. The woman responds affirmatively and threatens to do it again if he talks to her like he had again. She then goes on to mock him for being sad.

The recordings reportedly come from August 2018. This is the third leak in recent weeks of arguments between the reality star and her partner during the same incident. As The Inquisitr previously reported, the two appear to have been fighting in unverified audio that reveals a similar battle where a woman threatens to hit a man with whom she is arguing.