Rihanna To Take Time Off After Tour

Rihanna Instagram

Rihanna’s life since her Oprah interview, and even before that has been a whirlwind. Since 2005, the Pon de Replay singer has released seven albums and launched large scale tours to promote said albums.

After her current tour, Rihanna plans to take a short vacation. The singer broke the news to Ryan Seacrest through his radio show on Wednesday, saying that she has plans to take a year off after her current tour ends.

Not so fast! If you’re worried about Rihanna going away any time soon you don’t have to count down the days. Rihanna just kicked off her Diamonds World Tour in support of her new album of the same title. It’s reported that the singer will be finishing up her American dates in May, and her International dates will end somewhere in July.

To put it lightly, Rihanna won’t be getting a break from her exhaustive schedule. Taking a year off for a pop artist can potentially be damaging as staying current and keeping a fan base proves to be a difficult. Being out of the spotlight can be tricky. When a singer eventually comes back to the scene, the numbers might not be there.

This has proven to be true as of late for Christina Aguilera, who has suffered from two soft album releases, despite her powerful pipes and a small but extremely loyal fan base.

However, that might not be the first thing on Rihanna’s mind. Over the last few months Rihanna has reconciled with singer Chris Brown, and the two have taken steps to take time away from the hoopla surrounding their relationship, including their small getaway vacations. Perhaps she has her mind on actually marrying Brown, which some reports have suggested.

Life & Style had reported back in October that the pair’s friends thought they were heading down the aisle despite their on and off relationship.

Do you see Rihanna actually sticking to her guns and taking time off? Do you think she has something else up her sleeve?