‘General Hospital’ Monday Spoilers: Shiloh’s On The Run And Bobbie’s Desperate

'General Hospital' has Coby Ryan McLaughlin playing Shiloh
Todd Wawrychuk / Walt Disney Television

Viewers have a wild episode to look forward to on Monday according to the latest General Hospital spoilers. Shiloh is on the loose and Bobbie is the unfortunate one who just crossed his path. Where does this head next?

As fans saw at the end of Friday’s show, Chase told Sam and Jason that the van transporting Shiloh back to Pentonville never arrived. Peter had seemingly arranged to have a fake guard assist in the transport to either kill Shiloh or help him escape and the next thing viewers knew, Shiloh was approaching Bobbie’s car while wearing an officer’s uniform.

General Hospital spoilers from the sneak peek for Monday’s episode reveal that Shiloh will hijack Bobbie’s car and take off. He’ll seemingly leave Bobbie on the side of the road, and she’ll be screaming for help into the darkness.

Earlier in Friday’s episode, while Bobbie was visiting with Carly, she mentioned that she was off to spend time with Wiley. That tidbit raised some questions at the end of the show.

Viewers are wondering if Bobbie was stopped before she got to Wiley or if she might have picked him up and have him in the car with her. If the baby is in the car when Shiloh takes it, then he’s unwittingly just kidnapped the baby he thinks is his biological son.

Even if Wiley wasn’t in Bobbie’s car, she is stranded and alone, seemingly without a way to call for help. Viewers have been watching a storyline develop with Bobbie about getting a diagnosis of having diabetes, and that could come into play here. If Bobbie is stranded for a while, which General Hospital spoilers hint could be the case, she could end up in trouble due to her diabetes.

SheKnows Soaps shares that Monday’s episode will kick off a week of intense scrambling now that word is spreading about Shiloh’s escape. General Hospital spoilers note that Sam will head to the Haunted Star on Monday and Jason will try to reach her on Tuesday. Peter is collecting money from somebody on Tuesday and Shiloh will be shown feeling reluctant.


As the week progresses, General Hospital spoilers detail that Sam will be trapped, Chase will head to the docks, and later, Chase will head to GH with a stretcher. In addition, Jason will need to give Jordan a statement and it seems likely that all of this connects to Shiloh’s disappearance in some way.

How will this play out with Shiloh? General Hospital spoilers haven’t revealed many specifics yet. However, as The Inquisitr just shared, Coby Ryan McLaughlin’s exit as Shiloh has been confirmed by the actor.

Will Shiloh simply disappear or will he get killed off? Stay tuned for additional General Hospital spoilers about all of this chaos as new details emerge over the weekend to see what’s going down during the week of September 23.