WWE News: Twitter War Emerges Between ESPN And WWE After Braun Strowman Appears In MLB Booth

Braun Strowman stands tall in the ring.

For quite some time now, WWE and ESPN has had a great working partnership where each company promotes the other. It is no real surprise that there are some crossovers with big names on both sides, but things turned quite chippy on Thursday night. Braun Strowman appeared in the booth during a Major League Baseball game on FOX, and it didn’t sit well with Sportscenter anchor Keith Olbermann.

On October 4, 2019, SmackDown Live will turn into Friday Night SmackDown and begin airing on FOX. This is due to the huge money deal between the network and WWE which resulted in a new home and night for the blue brand of Vince McMahon’s company.

In an effort to promote the move, Strowman appeared in the booth during the game between the Chicago Cubs and St. Louis Cardinals. Strowman sat in for an inning to talk wrestling, baseball, and softball with announcers Joe Davis and John Smoltz.

As reported by The Inquisitr, Strowman is coming off of a big loss at Clash of Champions, where he lost the Raw Tag Titles to Absolutely Glorious. While he has had some incredibly huge battles in the ring, he may not have been prepared for what came at him on social media after he was in the MLB booth.

The official Twitter account of FOX Sports: MLB posted video of Strowman in the booth and even clips of his father playing softball. The longtime ESPN anchor was not overly thrilled with the WWE superstar’s appearance.

Strowman is not one to back down from harsh words being thrown his way, so, he decided to return fire on Olbermann. He did it in quite the casual and nonchalant way, though, and it was quite professional.

Around the same time, a meteorologist named Kevin Lighty also expressed his dissatisfaction with FOX having a WWE superstar in the booth. Not wanting to let anything go by him, Strowman responded to Lighty as well.

Lighty responded again and said he was the same age as Strowman and just “two hours down the road from ya if you’re still in Chicago. The green screen is all yours.”

While Strowman can truly handle his own in and out of the ring, some WWE superstars and other wrestling personalities came to support him. Former World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry was extremely upset at the whole thing, and Bully Ray was on his side.


Some people have never liked the idea of WWE and ESPN existing in the same world, but it is a part of reality now. Olbermann simply expressed his opinion that wrestling and Major League Baseball shouldn’t mix, but Strowman wasn’t going to just sit back and take it. At the same time, the rest of the wrestling world decided not to stay silent either.