WWE News: AEW Star Rips NXT, Says ‘They’d Be In The Dark Match’ On His Show


Earlier this week, WWE had the debut of NXT on the USA Network, and it will air every week on Wednesday nights. The show was a huge success for its premiere, and it will soon end up going head-to-head with All Elite Wrestling’s new show Dynamite, which debuts in two weeks. While some think that this is going to start a new professional wrestling war, Kenny Omega believes that anyone in NXT is far below him and wouldn’t even be on his show.

Fans truly love NXT, and they had been waiting for a moment like Wednesday night for a very long time. AEW beginning its weekly TV show is something else that fans have wanted for a long time as well because it brings about true competition for WWE.

Kenny Omega is truly one of the biggest names in all of AEW as a top star and one of the most talented wrestlers in the world. He recently sat down with Sportskeeda to discuss a number of things, including the idea of a “Wednesday Night War” between AEW and NXT.

Instead of touching on the idea that there could be some friendly competition or a war, Omega decided to take a shot at NXT. Not only did he say that AEW was better than them, but he put down the entire brand and everyone on it.

Matt Riddle and others brawl during the debut episode of "NXT."
Featured image credit: WWE

Omega didn’t just say that All Elite Wrestling is the better promotion, but he said that they have a roster full of real stars. At the same time, he said that NXT has nothing but developmental talents filling its roster and that they are completely different.

“What they’re doing is different than what we’re doing and it’s hard to say you’re going to war with people that I call my friends, and yet we are going to war, and yet when I sit back and look at the grand picture, it’s like I’m going to war with dudes that if we were on the same show together, the same show and the same promotion.. Let’s pretend there were no wars…let’s pretend there were no promotions…let’s pretend there’s just one promotion. If these guys were on the same show as me, they’d be in the dark match. They’d be in the opening match for my main event match.”

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the debut episode of NXT brought about multiple injuries in what was a hard-hitting night. Omega doesn’t really seem to care, though, and he truly believes that AEW is miles and miles above NXT.

NXT superstar Dominik Dijakovic didn’t take very kindly to what Omega had to say and chose to respond to him on Twitter. Omega didn’t have much to say in response, but he ended up leaving a GIF to express how he felt about Dijakovic’s words.

While the professional wrestling fans of the world are thrilled about NXT and the debut of All Elite Wrestling’s Dynamite, some don’t feel that a war is on the way. Kenny Omega doesn’t believe that WWE’s NXT is cause for a war or even competition. He just believes that watching AEW means fans will be watching “real stars, not developmental talent.” Chances are that the whole roster of NXT has heard this by now and is looking to prove him wrong.