Donald Trump Says His Call With Ukraine ‘Doesn’t Matter’ But Someone Should Look Into Joe Biden

U.S. President Donald Trump announces the $1.8 billion State Opioid Response Grants in the Roosevelt Room at the White House September 04, 2019 in Washington, DC.
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Donald Trump attempted to deflect the increasing scrutiny over the whistleblower complaint against him by telling reporters that someone should look into Joe Biden.

“It doesn’t matter what I discussed, but I’ll tell you this, somebody ought to look into Biden’s statement,” the president said, according to The Hill.

“It’s just another political hack job,” he told reporters in the Oval Office.

Details about the whistleblower complaint against Donald Trump continue to trickle in, but a new report from The Washington Post reveals that the president may have discussed Biden with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in order to discredit the former vice president.

Reportedly, Trump and his attorney, Rudolph W. Giuliani may have had a phone call in July with Zelensky in order to encourage the Ukrainian leader to seek information that could be damaging to Biden in order to hamper his bid to be elected in 2020. It’s possible that the president may have agreed to release $250 million in stalled aid for the Ukraine if Zelensky launched a corruption investigation into Biden and his son Hunter.

But Trump dismissed the reports, saying that it was another partisan attack and that Biden was getting away with things because he is a Democrat. The president added that he didn’t know who the whistleblower was, but that he was certain the individual was “partisan.”

“The fake news doesn’t look into things like that,” he said. “It’s a disgrace.”

Trump also claimed that any conversations he has with world leaders are “always appropriate.”

Previously, Trump had said that while he had a conversation with the Ukrainian leader, the conversation was completely appropriate.

“Strange that with so many other people hearing or knowing of the perfectly fine and respectful conversation, that they would not have also come forward,” he said. “Do you know the reason why they did not? Because there was nothing said wrong, it was pitch perfect!”

On Thursday, Trump’s attorney Giuliani confirmed that he had pressured Ukraine to look into Biden, as The Inquisitr previously reported. CNN reporter Chris Cuomo asked Giuliani if he had requested that Zelensky investigate the former vice president.

“Did you ask Ukraine to look into Joe Biden?” Cuomo asked.


“Of course I did,” Giuliani confirmed.

According to Trump, then-Vice President Joe Biden had inappropriately pressured the Ukraine government to dismiss a prosecutor who had investigated his son. Zelensky is scheduled to meet with Trump next week at the United Nations.

Representative Adam Schiff has said that Congress will look into the matter.