‘Big Brother 21’ Spoilers: The Head Of Household Round 1 Winner Is Revealed, Shaking Up Some Plans

Monty BrintonCBS

Cliff Hogg was voted out of the Big Brother 21 house during Thursday night’s episode and that means the final three houseguests have been determined. The first round of the final Head of Household competition was played after the show ended, and spoilers have revealed the winner.

As Big Brother Network detailed prior to the competition starting, Jackson Michie and Holly Allen put together a plan of attack. They aimed to have Holly win the first round of the HOH battle.

If Holly won Round 1, Jackson would be fighting Nicole Anthony in the second round. Their goal was to have Holly and Jackson face off in Round 3. If they could make that happen, the winner there wouldn’t matter since they plan to take one another to the Final 2 regardless.

Holly and Jackson anticipated that Round 1 of this last HOH would be an endurance competition, and as soon as Nicole dropped, Jackson would throw it to Holly. They figured that the second round would focus more on speed and that Jackson would match up well against Nicole in this area.

Viewers will see this initial round of the last HOH competition during the next show, but Big Brother spoilers reveal that things did not go according to Jackson and Holly’s plans. This was a puzzle challenge of some sort, and Jackson won.

BBN shares that according to the live feeds after the competition, Jackson and Holly talked about how hard and cool the competition was. It seems that it involved a treasure chest and had a vibe of Indiana Jones crossed with Tomb Raider. It was a puzzle of some sort and spoiler Twitter account @BB_Updates notes that Nicole was quite frustrated over losing.

What comes next? Round 2 of this HOH battle will have Nicole and Holly facing off against one another as Jackson now sits and waits for Round 3. This competition should happen over the weekend, so Big Brother spoilers revealing the winner should come soon after that.

Then, Round 3 will probably be shown live as Big Brother 21 wraps up its season next week. Once the HOH is determined, he or she will choose the other houseguest who will be in the Final 2, and the jury will get their chance to ask questions and vote.

Jackson and Holly are virtually guaranteed to take one another if either of them wins HOH, and Nicole surely knows that. As The Inquisitr shared earlier, Cliff and Nicole rallied hard to try to keep Cliff safe and send Holly to the jury, but all their efforts drove a bigger wedge between the two pairs.

Will Cliff going to the jury house over Holly end up hurting Jackson’s game? Can Nicole pull through to win both Round 2 and Round 3 of the final Head of Household competition to make it to the Final 2? Stay tuned for Big Brother 21 spoilers as the weekend plays out to see how things are shaping up heading into next week’s finale.