Cole Sprouse Featured In Adorable Slideshow Celebrating The 25th Anniversary Of ‘Friends’

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The popular ’90s television show Friends is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, and fans and cast members alike are showing their appreciation for the famous comedy. The official Friends Instagram page recently shared an adorable slideshow depicting Cole Sprouse’s time on the show, when he was only a little kid. Sprouse played the role of Ben, Ross Geller’s (David Schwimmer) son whom he shared with his ex-wife Carol (Jane Sibbitt), from seasons 6 through 8, according to Entertainment Weekly. Sprouse is now 27 years old and all grown up.

The first photo in the slideshow depicts Sprouse as an adult, sitting on the famous Friends couch and looking over at Hugsey, the beloved stuffed animal that belonged to Joey Tribbiani (Matt LeBlanc). The rest of the photos in the slideshow show a young Ben in memorable episodes throughout the show, like the hilarious Christmas episode entitled “The One with the Holiday Armadillo.”

A common story line on the show was Ross’ attempts to co-parent Ben with Carol, who had discovered she was a lesbian and got remarried to a woman. Ross, Carol, and her partner eventually are able to come together peacefully, despite their differences, because of their shared love of Ben. Sprouse was not the only actor to play Ben throughout the show’s duration, as other child actors played the character as an infant and later on as a toddler. However, he is perhaps the most well-known actor who took on the role.

Sprouse starred alongside actors that are now some of the most successful figures in the business, such as Jennifer Aniston. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Sprouse had a pretty major crush on Aniston when he was a kid and even found it hard to remember his lines when he was doing scenes with her.

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“I’m pretty sure I fell in love with Jennifer Aniston, which the whole world had at that point. But I do remember being quite intimidated around her, because of that. I remember blanking on my lines, and having a kind of stage fright when she sat next to me on the couch in one episode. I remember there was a cameraman who was like, ‘Little boy’s got a crush,’ or I forget what they said. Of course, I turned bright red. But I do remember feeling like I fell in love.”

Today, Sprouse is known for playing the role of Jughead Jones on the hit CW show Riverdale.