Lance Bass Visits The Renovated ‘Brady Bunch’ House He Lost To HGTV

Jerod HarrisGetty Images

Lance Bass finally made his way into The Brady Bunch house, and it sounds like he had a groovy experience. The ‘NSYNC alum posted a video that showed him and husband Michael Turchin entering the renovated house originally seen on the classic 1970s sitcom after HGTV did a massive renovation of the place.

Brady Bunch fans know the California house, which was used for the exterior shots on the ABC family comedy from 1969 to 1974, looked nothing on the inside as the TV show house did. The Brady Bunch scenes were filmed on a studio set. HGTV’s mission was to match the inside of the famous house to the interior that viewers saw on the classic sitcom.

Bass, a die-hard Brady Bunch fan, shared his behind-the-scenes first look at the completed home as he visited all the recognizable rooms: The orange and avocado-colored kitchen, Mike’s den, and the kids’ bedrooms, including Greg’s attic pad. And of course, Bass and Turchin struck a pose on that iconic staircase.

“This is one of the happiest days of my life,” Bass said in the video clip, which you can see below. “I was afraid of someone getting this house and knocking it down.”

When The Brady Bunch house went on the market last year for the first time since 1973, many fans were afraid it would be purchased by a developer who would knock it down. Bass put in an offer for the classic TV house and was even told he had it until a “corporate buyer” swooped in. It was later revealed that HGTV was the bombshell buyer.

In an interview with Fox News, Bass said the turn of events was “disappointing.” The singer revealed that he had been waiting for years for the property to hit the market so he could renovate it to look like the TV show and then turn it into an “event space.” But just 24 hours after he was initially told he got the house, the “Bye Bye Bye” singer was notified that someone else had outbid him.

Still, while Bass was bummed to lose The Brady Bunch house, he expressed gratitude that HGTV was the buyer, with the budget to give the home the makeover that it deserved.

Fans have watched the extensive renovations to the house on A Very Brady Renovation. Original Brady Bunch cast members Barry Williams, Maureen McCormick, Christopher Knight, Eve Plumb, Mike Lookinland, and Susan Olsen have been on hand to help turn the TV house into the real deal.

A Very Brady Renovation airs Mondays on HGTV.