Ex 'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans May Have Only Sold 150 Eyebrow Kits, And Fans Are Not Surprised

Anna Harnes

It seems as if ex Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans might have to move onto Plan C after her eyebrow cosmetics launch has been dubbed a failure by makeup critics and fans alike.

Evans, who was originally one of the stars in the Teen Mom franchise, was fired from her job on the reality show after her husband, David Eason, reportedly shot and killed their dog, Nugget. Evans had hoped to rebound by building a makeup company, in the vein of Kylie Jenner. However, Radar Online is now reporting sales aren't quite up the levels of the young billionaire. In fact, they're not even close.

The website is reporting that Evans sold a meager 150 eyebrow kits since her launch earlier this month. Though Radar Online heard this from an inside source, sleuthing fans had come to similar conclusions after being able to add thousands of sets to their carts, suggesting that they had not been selling out.

From the beginning, Evan's cosmetics had a rocky start. Social media users were quick to comment that they would be boycotting the brand in a number of blistering comments, as previously reported by The Inquisitr.

While some of them claimed that they would not purchase on principle due to the Nugget incident, others claimed that Jenelle's uneven brows in her posted Instagram picture were a poor incentive for them to buy.

Though her website has a number of positive reviews, it is not known if they are verified people who have actually purchased the eyebrow kits or if they are fake.

This is not the first time that Jenelle has branched out into makeup; in fact, she started JE Cosmetics in 2017 to launch a lipliner. However, the eyebrow kit was supposed to signal a pivoted return toward the company.

Many users online were not surprised when news broke of Evans's reported poor sales.

"I mean let's be honest have you seen her brows?? Why in the world would anyone buy from her??? I mean seriously," one wrote in a thread on Twitter.

"She's the last person I would buy [an] eyebrow kit from. It will be at the dollar store soon," wrote another.

Another Twitter user claimed that there were rumors of quality control issues as well.

"Someone ordered it and filmed a review. There were tiny little hairs all inside the product when she opened it," one user claimed.

Evans has not yet made a statement on the allegations of poor sales.