Gwen Stefani Shares Throwback Photo Of Blake Shelton, Instagram Has Mixed Feelings About Her Post

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When it comes to Blake Shelton’s hair, Gwen Stefani just doesn’t seem to care what it looks like.

On Thursday, Gwen took to Instagram to share a throwback photo of her country singer boyfriend. In the black-and-white snapshot, young Blake is sporting a hairdo that’s much different from the short, wavy locks that his fans have grown accustomed to. Earlier in his music career, the aspiring star’s signature hairstyle was a dark and luxurious mullet, with feathered bangs in the front and wild, shoulder-length curls in the back.

In Gwen’s old photo, Blake doesn’t seem to feel self-conscious about rocking a haircut that would later be ridiculed and mocked. He’s confidently staring at the camera with a slight smile on his face, and he has his arms crossed. One thing that hasn’t changed since the snapshot was taken is Blake’s love of plaid shirts, but he doesn’t usually wear them tucked in these days.

Gwen Stefani seems unbothered by Blake Shelton’s outdated hairdo. In fact, she captioned the throwback photo with a wistful comment about wanting to have known Blake during his mullet years.

Unfortunately, she didn’t reveal how old Blake was when the snapshot was taken.

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@blakeshelton wish I would’ve met u sooner Gx

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Some of Gwen’s Instagram followers agreed that her life would have been much better if Blake had entered it sooner. After all, the No Doubt frontwoman did spend 13 years of it with a man who hurt their marriage by reportedly cheating on her with their children’s nanny. According to Us Weekly, Gwen’s ex, Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale, carried on a three-year affair with the young woman who was being paid to care for their kids.

“You are the sweetest of lovebirds! Wouldn’t that have been amazing!” read one response to Gwen’s post.

“Y’all would have beautiful babies!!!!” another remarked.

Gwen Stefani didn’t reveal whether her comment had anything to do with a desire to have biological kids with Blake Shelton, but the 49-year-old Voice coach might have babies on the brain. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, her boyfriend recently joked about the nonexistent twins that the tabloids keep insisting Gwen is pregnant with.

Other fans speculated that Gwen had a different motive for wishing that she’d met Blake when they were younger.

“Maybe you could have talked him into a different haircut,” quipped one of Gwen’s followers.

Many fans actually disagreed with the sentiment that the “Make Me Like You” singer expressed in her post, with a few of them pointing out that Stefani’s three sons — Kingston, 13, Zuma, 11, and Apollo, 5 — wouldn’t exist if she’d met Shelton at the age he is in the photo.

“You wouldn’t have your kids,” read one comment.

Others argued that she ended up with the best version of Blake, or that he was worth waiting for.

“Gurl, you got him in his prime. He looks way better now!!!” wrote one fan.

“Nah! You both appreciate & have such a special love because of where you have been before having each other!” another remarked.

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@blakeshelton ❤️ Gx

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However, it seems as though Blake Shelton might share Gwen Stefani’s desire to have met years ago. His current Twitter profile picture is the image above, which is a digitally altered imagining of Gwen and Blake as a much younger couple.

Gwen and Blake might be sad that they didn’t meet earlier, but one thing’s for certain: Their fans are thrilled that they have each other now.