Ted Cruz Endorses New Hampshire GOP Senate Candidate, And It's Not Corey Lewandowski

One of the Republican Senate candidates running for office in New Hampshire, Bill O'Brien, received a major boost today after Texas Sen. Ted Cruz showered him with a full endorsement in a Thursday tweet, according to The Hill.

"@OBrienForNH would make a Senator who would make the state of New Hampshire proud! I hope you will join me in supporting him," Cruz tweeted while tossing in a link to O'Brien's campaign website.

Further explaining why he chose to back O'Brien for the Senate seat in the influential presidential voting state of New Hampshire, Cruz told conservative radio host Jeff Kuhner that he thinks O'Brien is a results-oriented "principled conservative."

"I think he would make a phenomenal senator from new Hampshire and I'm very proud to stand with him," Cruz added.

The timing of Cruz's endorsement is at least somewhat interesting, given the fact that Corey Lewandowski -- a longtime ally to President Donald Trump -- teased the possibility of running for the GOP Senate primary in New Hampshire during Wednesday's House hearing on the exploration of impeaching Trump.

As reported by The Inquisitr, at some point during Lewandowski's fiery back-and-forth with Rep. Jerry Nadler and other Democrats in attendance for the hearing, Lewandowski, or one of his people, managed to fire off a tweet that took his previous hints at running for the Senate out of New Hampshire to the next level.

"New website just launched to help a potential senate run. Sign up now!" the tweet read.

The post also included a link to what Fox News reported was a possible Super PAC.

It was also reported that the Federal Election Commission received all the appropriate paperwork for Lewandowski to take the next step shortly before the House hearing began. On Thursday, Lewandowski appeared on Fox News and said he was close announcing whether or not he would officially toss his hat in the ring.

Corey Lewandowski speaks with delegates on the first day of the Republican National Convention.
Getty Images | Joe Raedle

Cruz was asked about Lewandowski's potential run and reserved his comments based on the fact that he hasn't entered the race yet.

"I like Corey, I know Corey... I don't know if he's going to get in the race or not," Cruz said.

"What I do know is Bill is in the race and Bill has been a proven conservative leader."
While some establishment Republicans in New Hampshire have already publicly attacked Lewandowski's potential run, even going as far as calling him a "thug" and a "political hack," The Hill reported that a recent Emerson University poll revealed that the former Trump campaign manager was leading the way in the state's Republican primary, beating O'Brien and the other GOP challenger, Don Bolduc.