Farrah Abraham Snags Entry To The 2019 Emmys As The Former ‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Struggles To Stay Relevant

Matt WinkelmeyerGetty Images

Farrah Abraham seems to be everywhere the glitterati gather. Earlier this year, the former Teen Mom OG star was present at the Venice Film Festival with her 10-year-old daughter, while fans and foes scratched their proverbial heads trying to reason how she managed to turn up in Italy for the rarified festivities and a bit of tourist time, too, per The Inquisitr.

On September 22, Farrah was once again in a place where some questioned whether or not she had talked her way into an invitation. That place was Sunday night’s annual Emmy Awards show, in which select television shows and their stars are honored. The problem with Farrah being a part of the action was called out since the single mother does not currently find herself on the small screen in any official capacity.

Nevertheless, she was there and she was posing in a gown that was NSFW. The frock, a beaded, halter neck affair, rocked a cutout right in the middle of her middle, which included an abundance of underboob. In one Instagram image that she shared with her 2.2 million followers, the ex-reality star was seen in a montage of red carpet looks that included two very classy celebrities, including a stunning Viola Davis, the star of How To Get Away With Murder.

Comments regarding Farrah’s confusing social media upload ranged from negative to really negative.

“I’m embarrassed for you,” said one follower.

“Your peers!!?? The delusional Emmy goes to Farrah,” stated a smug Instagram user.

“I mean, your life really isn’t that interesting and most of us have read about it or seen it on TM. So sorry, not sorry?” remarked another naysayer.

Another upload from the Microsoft Theater in downtown Los Angeles where the Emmys were broadcast showed Farrah alongside Amazon chief Jeff Bezos. He seemed to offer a half-smile while Farrah grinned from ear to ear.

Again, the sharks from social media were out to get this enterprising citizen.

“Hey, she could be suffering from body dysmorphic syndrome. It’s a real thing. She’s clearly unwell and really needs good psychiatric help. Especially with her parenting,” diagnosed one follower.

“Why is she even there,” wondered another confused Instagram user.

Meanwhile, one fan thought Farrah had outsmarted everyone who was negatively commenting on her share.

“Ha ha while she’s in a beautiful gown having fun at the Emmys and getting a picture with Jeff Bezos you all are hating on her from your old cracked screen iPhones. Like she cares,” remarked a third follower who was obviously for Team Farrah.

In yet one more upload showing Farrah having a ball while at engaging at the Emmys, the reality mom was photographed with the Masked Singer.

“He looks like he loves you too,” gushed one follower, who added a heart emoji for effect.

“2 plastic faces in one shot,” stated a second snarky social media user.

To see where Farrah Abraham turns up next, follow the former Teen Mom OG star on her Instagram account.