Miley Cyrus’ 19-Year-Old Sister Noah ‘Caught’ Smoking Weed On Instagram By Hot Mom Tish

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Noah Cyrus definitely has a sense of humor. The 19-year-old sister to SHE IS COMING singer Miley Cyrus has been making headlines for her social media activity. As The Inquisitr reported recently, the “July” singer updated her Instagram with a full admission that she was “high AF”; the images showed Noah exiting a Californian eatery wearing some pretty skimpy clothing while holding a weed pen.

Today’s Instagram story featured slightly more clothing, but she didn’t abandon her love of marijuana. Noah opened her stories by showcasing herself smoking weed in selfie mode. The brunette appeared casually-clad, with a black pair of sweatpants paired with a red T-shirt with a white logo and lettering bearing the Kush brand name. The selfies also included Noah shot from various angles as she blew smoke into the camera. She appeared to be having a fun time.

Noah seemed to know that something was up, though.

“Caught @tishcyrus,” appeared in white letters in the story.

The footage then showed Tish Cyrus, the singer’s mother, herself entering a room and smiling. The star’s mother looked sensational. There didn’t seem to be too much of a conversation going on, but the message was clear: Noah had been getting high and she’d been caught. Marijuana is, of course, legal in the state of California, and Noah appears to be a regular consumer of the recreational drug.

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Noah seems to be flaunting her adulthood with full force. For many fans, seeing the star embrace her femininity is a positive thing. Noah’s music promotion hasn’t gone down the provocative route, but some of her Instagram updates have, with the singer posing topless in some photos, and others have shown the singer in raunchy moments.

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As for Noah’s social circle, it does seem that this rising star has made some famous friends. Earlier this month, she updated her Instagram with YouTuber and social media sensation Tana Mongeau. Noah doesn’t have to look far for famous faces, though. With her superstar older sister, and her dad as one of country music’s biggest stars, this girl is all set. Noah even took to social media recently with her dad, for a motorcycle ride showing the two spending quality time together.

Noah’s Instagram does feature more serious moments, with the star seen bravely opening up about her mental health battles. Her lengthy captions are honest and raw, with fans appearing to love that this girl says it how it is.

Fans wishing to see more of Noah should give her Instagram a follow.