Dog The Bounty Hunter’s Son, Leland Chapman, Steals The Show On ‘Most Wanted’ Series

'Like father like son,' said the show's social media account.

Leland Chapman, Dog Chapman, Amy Weiss and Allison Kaz attend the 2013 Electus & College Humor Holiday Party
Angela Weiss / Getty Images

'Like father like son,' said the show's social media account.

Leland Chapman, the son of Duane “Dog The Bounty Hunter” Chapman, has emerged as a fan favorite and a breakout star of the WGN America show Dog’s Most Wanted.

As Pop Culture reports, on Wednesday’s episode of the show, Leland rejoined the family business. On the show’s Twitter account, fans are sharing the love for the 42-year-old son of the reality TV star. On Wednesday night, the show tweeted a teaser trailer showing a few scenes of the bounty-hunting family in action, with most of the camera work focused on Leland. The tweet captioned the image, “Like father like son.”

Fans were all about it. In the comments, several expressed how glad they were to see Leland back in action.

One user, for example, noted that the Chapman family needs to stick together in these tough times as the family matriarch, Beth, just died a couple of months ago.

“Glad he’s back he was definitely missed I know Dog needs him more then ever now.continued prayers for all,” the user with the handle @angelaaskew wrote.

Another user, @lindamair66, noted that Leland’s presence on the show makes it feel more like the original iteration of the family’s reality TV efforts, Dog The Bounty Hunter.

“Feels more like dog the bounty hunter series now…” they wrote.

Not only is Leland an apparent fan favorite, but he’s likely to take over the family business once his father, Duane, hangs up his handcuffs and pepper spray.


Speaking to Us Magazine earlier this month, Duane said that he thinks he may have about five more years of bounty hunting left in him, and then it will be Leland’s turn to be the star of the show, so to speak.

“I think five more years, I pass the baton to Leland. I’ll still be like Charlie’s Angels. I’ll still supervise,” he said.

When he’s not helping out the family business, on-camera or not, Leland is doing the thing that’s in his blood: bounty hunting. Apart from the family bounty-hunting enterprise, Leland also owns his own bail bonds business in Alabama.

He also learned recently, and likely not for the first time, just how dangerous bounty hunting can be. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, in early July, Leland suffered an injury while taking down a fugitive. While filming scenes for Dog’s Most Wanted hunting down fugitive Edward Morales in Colorado, Leland tore his anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), knocking him out of commission for several weeks. Leland returned to Alabama to recuperate, while Morales was taken downtown.