‘The Young And The Restless’ Recap For Thursday: Hilary Look-Alike Leaves Devon Shaken

Francis Specker / CBS

The Young and the Restless recap for Thursday, September 19 brings a shocking Hilary look-alike to Devon’s door. Plus, Jill and Devon team up while Jack contemplates a world without Victor Newman, and Adam becomes the subject of an investigation.

Traci (Beth Maitland) told Jack (Peter Bergman) that Victor (Eric Braeden) passed away. Jack admitted that he would miss Victor, and he called The Mustache his greatest adversary. As for Traci, losing Victor was especially bittersweet since he had Coleen’s heart. Now Traci’s daughter’s heart beat for the final time. Then, talk turned to Jack’s trip, and he told his sister that he always had whatever it was he was looking for. Later, Jack toasted Victor with tequila.

Devon (Bryton James) and Nate (Sean Dominic) expressed their disbelief at Victor’s passing at Society. Then Nate asked about the lawyer visit, but Devon wasn’t worried. Jill (Jess Walton) showed up, and she told Devon that after Victor’s death, anything is possible. They discussed who might have challenged Katherine’s will — Chance or Tucker. However, Devon said Katherine’s wishes were clearly spelled out in the document. Then Devon gave Jill an update on his life. Later, at his penthouse, Devon answered the door, and Hilary’s (Mishael Morgan) double stood there, leaving him shocked. The Inquisitr recently reported Morgan had been seen at Y&R.

At the Ranch, Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) asked Paul (Doug Davidson) for help. He offered his condolences but wasn’t sold on the idea of Victor’s death being a homicide. Nikki begged him to look into it anyway. Later at Crimson Lights, Paul got the news that Victor’s blood had too much medication in it, which meant somebody is to blame. Rey (Jordi Vilasuso) put Adam (Mark Grossman) on notice when he showed up at the coffee shop. Sharon was shocked by Rey’s behavior and confronted him, and then left. Paul called and let Rey know the case is officially a homicide investigation.


Sharon (Sharon Case) and Mariah (Camryn Grimes) met at Crimson Lights. They hugged and wondered at a world without Victor in it. Sharon asked about the family, and Mariah assumed she meant Adam, and Sharon agreed. No matter what, Adam just lost his father, and Sharon isn’t sorry for worrying about Adam. Later Sharon went to Adam’s and asked him why he’s under suspicion, but he claimed not to know why.

Summer (Hunter King) avoided her mother all day. Nick (Joshua Morrow) advised her to give their daughter some space. Instead, Phyllis hunted her down at The Grand Phoenix, but Summer didn’t want her around. Neither did Abby (Melissa Ordway) or Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan). Phyllis explained that they’re stuck with her anyway. Earlier, Nick told Chelsea that he suspected Adam had something to do with Victor’s death, and Chelsea was horrified.

Finally, Nick and Nikki talked, and he told his mother that the investigation has begun. Nikki just wanted Adam to pay for what he’s done.