Kelly Clarkson Slays ‘Believer’ Cover In Sexy Black Mini Dress, Heels & Red Lipstick

Matt WinkelmeyerGetty Images

Kelly Clarkson is slaying right now. The Kelly Clarkson Show host is now a major talking point on account of the high ratings for her new series – if anyone’s ruling the rookie talk show host role, it’s this 37-year-old. Kelly has been wowing her fans with various looks on the show’s set ever since it started airing. On Wednesday, The Inquisitr documented the blonde rocking a super-sexy black minidress as the show’s Instagram account delivered a preview video of Thursday’s episode.

The Kelly Clarkson Show posted a brand new Instagram update. This one was less about the show’s guests and more about its famous host. The video showed Kelly making her way into the audience via a dramatic staircase entry as fans stood on either side of it. The blonde’s look was the same killer black minidress and heels pairing from the previous post, with Kelly’s beautiful face accentuated by some statement red lipstick. The video seemed to be a reminder of why this singing sensation won American Idol 17 years ago.

Kelly was briefly shot full-length before the camera moved to shoot her closer up. The focus didn’t seem to be on the outfit – rather, it was the sheer atmosphere being generated from Kelly belting out “Believer” and her audience clearly joining in. The star made her way through the audience holding a mic – despite a fair amount of movement, the star’s powerful vocals didn’t waver.

Fan comments quickly poured in. Unsurprisingly, users appeared completely floored by the star’s vocals.

“How does she sing every song better than the original,” one fan wrote.

“I saw BELIEVE and thought it’s gonna be Cher, but Kelly slays once again,” was another comment.

“Favorite daytime show for me ever,” one fan wrote with an alien emoji.

Of course, the star’s killer style was noticed.

“Please start saying who Kelly is wearing! Her clothes/shoes are cute and I need them in my life!” one fan said.

Kelly does seem to have a unique appeal. This star doesn’t come as massively flashy – walking around dripping in Louis Vuitton isn’t Kelly’s style. Rather, fans adore Kelly for being herself. The star’s beautiful smile, honest approach, and infectious personality seem to have won America over. As for where Kelly’s career will go, her new talk show has opened up a whole new path for her.

Fans wishing to see more of Kelly should tune into her show or follow her Instagram.