Chelsea Handler Blasts ‘Nauseating’ Donald Trump, Says He Is ‘White Privilege’ Personified

Tommaso BoddiGetty Images

Chelsea Handler has a new Netflix documentary out called Hello Privilege, It’s Me Chelsea. As she is making the rounds talking about her latest cultural contribution, she recently opened up about her opinion of Donald Trump — and it isn’t pretty. According to The Hill, Handler said that she thinks the president is “the pinnacle of white privilege” and feels “nauseous” talking about him.

While speaking with Chris Cuomo on CNN, Handler talked about white privilege and how it enables people to suppress others in order to better themselves, particularly the president, who she says used his privilege to help himself and his associates.

“‘Let’s keep other people down so we keep winning, so I can keep filling my own pockets,'” Handler said. “At some point, if you really want equality, you have to be okay with other people succeeding … he and the Republican Party at this point are about no one succeeding except for them.”

She concluded that Trump is white privilege personified and feels uncomfortable even discussing him.

“The pinnacle of white privilege is him. It’s nauseating, and I feel nauseous just talking about him,” she said.

Earlier this month, Handler urged Trump to watch her documentary to learn more about the scourge of white privilege.

“My new documentary premieres on Netflix in 2 days. It’s called Hello Privilege, It’s Me Chelsea. It’s about me, Chelsea, exploring white privilege. And yes, everyone should watch it. Especially you, Mr. President,” he wrote.

Making the documentary wasn’t easy, it seems. The comedian said that she needed to meet with a therapist in order to talk to people who had a differing opinion than her when it came to the topic of white privilege, according to Fox News. She said that she is naturally reactive and can have a temper, so she had to learn how to work calmly while speaking with people with whom she disagreed.

But, she added, it’s essential to talk to people who don’t share your point of view.

Handler isn’t the only celeb who has made their opposition to the president public in recent days. Brad Pitt, while promoting his new movie Ad Astra, said that he believes that Trump is a threat to the United States in several ways, as The Inquisitr reported. Pitt said that he doesn’t understand how people can support Trump and questioned why people vote for a party that he believes ultimately harms them.