U.K. Bets Hillary Clinton Will Win Democratic Nomination, Not Those Actually Running

For reasons currently unknown, the United Kingdom is seeing bets placed in droves for the 2020 Democratic presidential candidate to be Hillary Clinton. One website has more bets for Hillary taking point for the Dems than any of the candidates who are actually running for the position, according to Fox News.

The head of the political betting department of Britain's Ladbrokes bookmaker, Matthew Shaddick, says that the woman who lost to Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential race -- and whom is absolutely not currently up for nomination -- is the U.K. public's favorite to win. He spoke with Newsweek yesterday.

"We're baffled, to be honest...We've taken more bets on her to be the Democratic candidate than any of the other runners. I've seen some speculation about what might happen if Biden had to drop out for some reason — perhaps that would leave a space for her to occupy in the field? Doesn't really convince me as a good reason, though."
It's the second strange news story about Hillary Clinton to surface recently. Around a week ago, the former First Lady and Secretary of State pulled a highly unusual stunt in an art gallery in Venice, Italy. Clinton contacted the gallery and asked if she could come in to sit on their replica of the oval office desk with stacks of printouts of her emails so she could read them to exhibition visitors and prove that they were, in fact, boring. In the story on Fox News, commentators speculated as to whether or not the stunt was an attempt to attract any amount of airtime, no matter how unusual, away from current candidates and onto her in the hope that she may still have a chance.
Naturally, the bookmaker is giving poor odds for Clinton winning the democratic nomination for 2020, so if by some strange turn of events she did manage to pull through, it would be the result that would cost them the most money in payouts, Shaddick explained. In light of this, Ladbrokes had to reign in their odds, reducing them from 50/1 down to 20/1, just in case.

There's no official news at this time that Hillary Clinton plans to shoehorn her way into the race as a Democratic nominee. Even with Joe Biden's ability to lead questioned by his fellow Democrats, per The Inquisitr, other presidential hopefuls such as Andrew Yang continue to perform well in the polls. The American public will find out the Democratic nomination in July next year and the winner will see themselves pitted against President Donald Trump in presidential elections taking place the following November.