YouTuber LeLe Pons Shuts Down Instagram Fully Topless With Icy-Blond Hair & M&M’s

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LeLe Pons definitely knows how to rake in the engagement. The YouTuber has 36.7 million Instagram followers awaiting her updates, with the vast majority of those posts proving a giant hit. With an unusual edge and an account that includes plenty of humor, it’s of little surprise why content from this Venezuelan brings in millions of likes and thousands of comments. Lele recently updated her account with an image that seemed to tick boxes for many of Instagram’s adored trends. Of course, the star being topless likely proved the cherry on the cake.

LeLe’s photo showed her in selfie mode as she snapped herself in front of a plain white door. The star had gone fierce with just about every aspect of the image, with a statement and minimal wardrobe matched by some pretty statement hair. LeLe appeared unclothed up top, with nothing but a black pair of briefs covering her up. The star’s waist-length hair had been dyed an icy shade of blond, although dark roots were visible. With somewhat of a hair bra situation going on, the model and social media sensation’s modesty was covered, but fans were seeing a fair amount of chest as wisps of LeLe’s hair fell around her ample assets.

As to the rest of the image, fans saw a dresser in front of the star with various bric-a-brac adorning it. A bag of M&M’s was also visible — maybe LeLe was in the middle of snacking.

The update proved a giant hit, racking up over 2.7 million likes. LeLe had taken to her caption to refer to her look, and the star mentioned Halloween and asked her fans to guess what she might be going as for the annual holiday coming up at the end of October.

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LeLe’s Instagram seems to follow a pattern. The star will appear alone on her social media, but frequent appearances with fellow internet sensation Hannah Stocking are commonplace. As The Inquisitr recently reported, the two appeared in an image showing Hannah having a bit of a squeeze as she grabbed Pons’ rear.

YouTubers and Instagram faces are a dime a dozen these days. Making it as a full-blown sensation definitely requires having an edge, and Lele has it. Speaking to Teen Vogue about the early days of her career, Lele revealed that she wasn’t always on top of things.

“My best friend was like, ‘Lele, you better start getting into social media because that’s the next thing.’ I was always the last one on Facebook, Instagram—everything,” she said.

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