Kim Kardashian’s Blistered & Blemished Psoriasis Face Is So Shocking, It’s Kind Of Worth A Look

Dimitrios KambourisGetty Images

Kim Kardashian has likely left her fans shocked. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star might come with a makeup mogul status on account of her bestselling KKW Beauty brand, but this star doesn’t always appear covered in war paint. The 38-year-old has been making headlines for her battle against psoriasis, with the skin condition appearing to have taken its toll on her. Health-wise, Kim does seem to be having a hard time overall, with recent blood tests possibly indicating autoimmune disease lupus making The Inquisitr’s headlines earlier this month.

Kim is a plucky lady. The star has appeared in an Instagram update posted by sister Kourtney’s Poosh lifestyle brand today, with the image showing exactly how Kim’s face looks without the contouring, concealer, and professionally-applied foundation.

The snap showed Kim up close. The brunette had gone completely makeup-free, with the low-frills feel extending to the star’s wardrobe; Kim appeared in a simple and dark-colored tank top with nude bra straps visible underneath it. Eyes were likely on the face, though. Kim’s blotchy and blemished face was manifesting heavy redness, with spots that appeared to show flare-ups, plus the early signs of blistering. Visible red patches appeared all over the mother of four’s face, although Kim did look beautiful in her natural state.

A caption from Poosh announced that Kim was in the process of opening up about her condition, with fans encouraged to head to the brand’s website to find out more.

The Poosh blog post today came as a lengthy, honest, and raw story from Kim, with the star outlining her battles. It did mention when Kim’s psoriasis began.

“When I was 25, I had my first psoriasis flare-up. I got a common cold, and since psoriasis is an autoimmune condition, this triggered it. It was all over my stomach and legs. Luckily, in my apartment complex at the time, my neighbor was a dermatologist. I showed it to him, and he said to come into the office and he would give me a shot of cortisone and then hopefully it would go away (since it was my first big outbreak). I did this and my psoriasis completely went away for about five years.”

The post also shared somewhat-shocking images of various parts of Kim’s body, with fans seeing her skin inflamed and red. Kim did say that she simply deals with it as best she can, and the star stated that she doesn’t always cover up the evidence of the condition.

Fans wishing to see more of Kim should tune into the family’s show or follow her Instagram account.